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10 Tips to Maintaining Motivation in Your Sales Job

Motivation is a vital ingredient to achieve great results in your sales job. Sometimes, it can be hard to maintain motivation when you have those tough days. However, there are ways to keep yourself upbeat and continue to achieve outstanding results.

At OSV, we have years of experience recruiting and training sales executives. We have helped them achieve significantly more than they expected and achieve high rewards and we know that motivation is the key.

With this in mind, we wanted to provide you with 10 top tips to maintaining motivation in your sales job.


1. Just because something has happened before, it doesn’t mean it will happen again

It is very easy to think that just because a customer has said no to something earlier that other customers will respond in the same way.

We have seen many sales executives build anxieties and barriers that diminish motivation and this can always be avoided.

Every customer is different. What one customer loves, another may hate. For every customer that is patient, there will be what that is in a rush. Every call and every situation is different, so don’t get yourself bogged down with negative barriers that make you less motivated to call that next customer.

Image of a road leading off in to the sunset with the text Success overlayed.

2. Stop focussing on the end goal and focus on the day to day activities that will get you there

When you are looking at the board of sales figures and your number is low, this can dramatically affect motivation. However, there is no need to be phased by this.

Castles are not built all in one go; it’s done brick by brick.

So work on building the layers that will build your castle, not the castle itself.

If your target is 10k in sales, the more you obsess over that number and put pressure on yourself, the more you are wasting energy that could be used getting in an order worth 2k. Throw yourself into working on that next call and making it amazing, and the results will come.

3. Reward yourself for small wins. They all build up to big wins

Always find time everyday to reflect on what you have done well. There will always be loads of successes even if you haven’t got the numbers you wanted.

Think about;

  • What calls went well
  • How the customers responded to you
  • How many ‘thank you’s’ have you had?
  • Have you gained more knowledge than you had yesterday?
  • Have you opened any new doors?
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Sales jobs can be demanding and so busy that you forget to notice your own progress and learnings.

This will really help to keep you uplifted throughout the tougher times. If you do this, you’ll start to realise how valuable you are. When you realise that, it naturally turns into results. This is because you will start talking to someone who knows their own value.

4. Visualise Success

Picture yourself as successful; what will that achieve for you? Why is that important to you?

Imagine yourself as earning your desired salary. Think about;

  • How you would spend it
  • What would you wear?
  • Where would you go?

This will help you remember the incentive and what’s in it for you. This will help you get through the ups and downs.

Hold on to that feeling and zone into that during times when you feel low. This will help you find the momentum to pick yourself up and keep going no matter what challenges you face.

5. Set yourself short term goals

The end of the year result will seem quite far ahead, so set yourself some smaller goals. Think about;

  • What do you want to get out of today?
  • What will you have learnt or achieved by the end of this week?
  • Or, what do you want from the next hour?

If you set yourself short-term goals, you can become highly motivated and productive every hour of every day. This will stop you from thinking too much about the bigger picture and slowing down the pace.

A pad with my goals inscribed on it for maintaining motivation

6. Record your own progress

It’s very easy to become reactive and to drift along. Things can become natural so quickly that you forget to think about how well you are really doing. For example;

  • Do you know what you have achieved this month compared to last month?
  • What about compared to this time last year?
  • How much growth have you achieved?
  • Do you know how many customers you have compared to this time last year?
  • Have you won more customers this quarter than last quarter?

How do you know if you don’t keep track?

Desk with many office equipment with imac.

So, keep a note each week of what you have achieved and you will see all of your great achievements in front of your eyes. This will definitely help with motivation.

7. Reward yourself with treats

When you do achieve more than you have before, give yourself a treat.

It’s always nice to feel the benefits of your hard work. So, regardless of if you choose to reward yourself with a new outfit, a weekend away, or even a day trip somewhere, reward yourself for your greatness.

8. Self-Development

This may not be everyone’s thing. But, improving yourself and investing in yourself is a great way to keep broadening your horizons and opening doors to more success and more money.

New challenges can help motivation. Any form of self-development that makes you a better version of yourself will empower you and improve confidence.

If your company does not provide opportunities for personal development, there are plenty of free resources online. These include things such as articles, e-books, and educational websites.

9. Be Kind to Yourself

Putting yourself down all the time is hardly likely to improve your mood or your motivation.

Your mind is powerful and it’s very easy to look for the bad. However, being nice to yourself and appreciating your good points will increase your self-esteem and will mean that your motivation is more consistent. This is because rather than relying on others to make you feel good, you feel good about you. That’s far more important and valuable, and others will feel that and follow your lead.

sign with 'positive feelings' written on it

10. Exercise

Staying healthy and maintaining regular exercise is great for feel-good factor and motivation. The release of endorphins can do wonders for day to day motivation in your job.

Even if you can’t exercise every day, you could try and manage three times a week. Or even 5-10 minutes of intensity training a day?

Alternatively, walk instead of drive. Keeping yourself fit definitely makes you feel good.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list and everyone keeps themselves motivated in different ways. Even if you just try one of these things, we’re sure you will be able to keep up your motivation.

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