McLarens Paris Show announcement and fair fuel heading to Parliament

Todays news introduces more exciting information about the Paris Motor Show and more news from Fair Fuel UK

You may have noticed from recent blog posts that here at OSV Ltd we have been getting increasingly excited about the 2012 Paris Motor Show, and with good reason, Paris is the first motor show at the start of a new motoring year, which means more car debuts that ever before. So far we have seen that Mercedes, BMW, Ford and Audi will all launch cars there and today we found out that Lexus will be joining that list. Lexus will premier its new concept car at Paris Motor Show. In addition to this it will give Western Europe its first look of new Lexus LS 600h F Sport.

Also McLaren has made a rather ambiguous and exciting statement today when they announced that they will reveal ‘the next exciting chapter’ for the company in Paris. It’s likely McLaren will be announcing its long-awaited ‘P12’ F1 successor. This is the car that was previously described by Executive Chairman Ron Dennis as ‘the world’s most technologically advanced supercar’, the ‘P12’ is said to feature every bit of technology McLaren can throw at it, including an advanced hybrid ‘KERS’ style system.

This was the image that accompanied McLaren’s statement and is the only image we have for now.

McLaren’s press conference will start at 4.45pm on 27 September. OSV are lucky enough to have a rep at Paris, so to get all the latest pictures and coverage from the Paris Motor Show remember to follow OSV Ltd on our blog, Twitter or Facebook.

Next in today’s news is that the Fair Fuel Campaign has another step in the right direction when a whistle blower in the oil industry came forward with damaging information regarding the trade.

The man, who wished to be kept anonymous to protect his job and family, has made a statement that Robert Halfon MP, (the champion of Fair Fuel UK) will take to the House of Commons on Thursday 13th September where he will get a full debate on this and other issues relating to fuel prices during the afternoon.

The statement in full is available at the following link  http://www.fairfueluk.com/quentins_blog.php?entry_id=1347221759

Lets hope that his honestly helps to make strides in the fight for fair fuel!

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 10th September 2012

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