2012 Dacia Duster scoops Scottish honours

2012 Dacia Duster

2012 Dacia Duster


The 2012 Dacia Duster drove off with the prestigious Scottish Car of the Year title at a gala dinner held in Glasgow’s Thistle Hotel on Friday evening.

To take the overall title, the 2012 Dacia Duster (part of the Renault group) had first to win its own category and then defeat tough opposition from the other category winners in a final vote.

Competition was strong right across the board and the Compact category was won by Volkswagen’s excellent up! With its sibling, the Skoda Citigo, in second place. Skoda are clearly earning their stripes and breaking out of the old skoda stigma of ‘cheap and no-frills’ vehicles. The rise of the Korean brand Kia continued with the Rio taking victory in the Supermini category. The Family category was won by another Korean brand with Hyundai’s i30 taking top spot ahead of the Citroen DS5 and another Hyundai product, the i40.

The 2012 Dacia Duster was the clear winner of the SUV category with Mazda’s CX-5 the runner-up. The Sporting category saw a win for the Vauxhall Astra VXR, while the Eco title went to Citroen for their DS5 HYBRID4. John Murdoch, President of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers commented: “When the economy is tough and the motoring public are feeling the pinch and tightening their belts the private buyer wants real value for money and the Dacia Duster certainly delivers on that score. Our choice may not set radical new standards in any one area but we believe it’s the sum of its parts which add up. Using proven technology, this is a car with huge appeal to the canny Scottish buyer spending their own money and we believe it’s completely unrivalled in terms of its mix of ability, space, running costs and pricing.”

Thierry Sybord, managing director of Renault UK, added: “Our new brand, Dacia, has really struck a chord with British buyers since pre-ordering opened just a couple of months ago for the Duster SUV, starting at less than £9,000. You can easily be fooled in not expecting a lot from this plucky car, but you will be pleasantly surprised by its actual value as a 4×4 vehicle. We’ve watched our European neighbours sell tens of thousands of Dacias to happy customers over the last few years and are now delighted to be bringing the brand and its “shockingly affordable” models to our shores. We’re delighted to be collecting these three awards, our first for the brand in the UK, including Scottish Car of the Year, even before it officially launches in January.

In technical terms the 2012 Dacia Duster comes with either 2WD or 4WD and  a 105bhp petrol or 110bhp diesel engine which can make it to 62 from standing in 12.5 or 11.5 seconds respectively, up to a top speed of 107mph. It drinks fuel at a rate of 47.4mpg and coughs out 139g/pk of Co2. The 2012 Dacia Duster offers people a cheap way of getting behind a 4×4 wheel.

What’s your opinion on the 2012 Dacia Duster?


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  • 15th October 2012

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