Selling Now: AstroTurfed Mitsubishi and Really Cheap Dacia.

To help us through the mid week, I bring you the AstroTurf Mitsubishi of Queensland, Australia. Currently selling on auction for Au$510.00, this disaster of a car has received 36 bids in just under 4 days, with another 6 yet to go, I estimate it will sell for a couple of grand. To be honest, a large part of me applauds the extreme efforts people will go through to sell a car for more than it’s worth. This 1998 Mitsubishi Magna with 218,000 miles on the clock would have been lucky just to get a second glance, let alone $510.00 in just 4 days, you have to say, that sure is a creative way to spruce up a banger. No idea what the seller plans to do with the money he makes, but hopefully it’s buying a better car.

Talking of buying better cars, Dacia have now made that a lot easier by selling is Sandero at just £5,995.

The car is also a decent car, 5 door, three versions to choose from: Access, Ambiance and Lauréate, numerous options available, including 7-inch touchscreen MediaNav and leather upholstery, two accessory packs, choice of three frugal engines, including new three-cylinder 0.9 TCe 90 petrol and 1.5 dCi 90, both with ECO mode. Also, free from road fund license, five- and seven-year extended warranties also available. It is in fact very similar to the Ford Fiesta 5 door 1.0-litre Popular 4-speed which costs £5,736 in 1989.

The Dacia Sandero is a whole lot of car with a small price tag. Expect to see many of these on the roads next year.


Andrew Kirkley
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  • 17th October 2012

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