Crossing the Boundries: the 2015 BMW X6 Review

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When the first generation of the 2015 BMW X6 was first launched back in 2008, critics were almost unanimously repelled by the attempt at a crossover between a 4×4 and a four-door Coupe. There were suggestions that it was Frankenstein’s monster on wheels, and that it was surely too monstrous-looking to actually make any money. Surprisingly or not, BMW consumers disagreed and lapped it up.

2014 BMW X6

There were calls for an explanation, with BMW claiming the X6 was designed to cater for consumers who wanted the bulk and might of a 4×4, but who also pined for the sporty look of a Coupe. The BMW X6 Series was also meant to fill a gap for those who had been using a 4×4 for family use, but who now wanted to drive a big vehicle that didn’t look completely family-like. The BMW X6 2014 has been given a makeover; but will that appease the critics who are sharpening their pens? Let’s take a closer look.

New ‘M’ Engine Lineup

BMW have added a few new engines to the 2015 BMW X6 arsenal, the so-called ‘M’ engines. This mouth-watering new line-up is kinda like FC Barcelona’s attack – yes, it’s that powerful. First up, the M50d xDrive diesel. This unit, which is an enhanced version of the 3.0-litre Twin Power turbo diesel, comes with three turbochargers as opposed to two, generates 376bhp and 546lb of torque, and can sprint to 62mph from rest in 5.3 seconds.

Then there is the 555bhp X6M, which is monstrous in all the right ways for the 2015 BMW X6. Nope, there is no limping, hideous Frankenstein’s monster here; just breath taking figures of 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds. As well as these engines, the 2014 BMW X6 also offers a V8 xDrive50i, as well as a xDrive30d diesel unit which comes with Blue Performance Technology that helps to reduce nitrogen-oxide.

All engine variants benefit from a chassis that comes with Dynamic Performance Control, a system that divides torque between individual wheels. Whichever wheel has most grip when your new BMW X6 begins to slide, the DPC system will send drive to them. The 2013 BMW X6 model also comes with Active Drive, which reduces body roll.

Still Big

The 2015 BMW X6 is certainly one of the more unusual looking specimens out on the road at the moment, and this model has lost none of its size or elevation. The brand have made some efforts to smarten things up though, with relocated fog lights, a wider chrome kidney grille, as well as the additional BMW X6 specs of LED headlamps and aluminium brake callipers. Engine cooling is also prevalent here thanks to altered apertures.

The 2015 BMW X6 has lost none of its attention-grabbing appeal either, with paint finishes including Marrakech Brown metallic, Midnight Blue Metallica and Orion Silver Metallic on offer, as well as double spoke alloys, Vermillion Red leather for the interior, and a nappa leather option. The inside is nicely improved, with an elegant Coupe-like feel.

Final Thoughts

BMW X6 deals start at £46,000 with the 2015 BMW X6 price range rising to about £86,000. The 2014 BMW X6 was inevitably going to suffer criticisms in regards its high CO2 emissions, but the Efficient Dynamics technology has been integrated here, and thereby reduces alternator drag, helps with brake energy recirculation and on the whole improves fuel economy, with CO2 figures for the thirsty M50d unit come in at 204g/km, whilst achieving 36.7mpg.

These figures are probably what 2015 BMW X6 consumers were largely anticipating. Everything else? Well, it’s all pretty much as you were with the 2015 BMW X6. As audacious as it was last time, it might win over a few critics with slightly smarter looks, but let’s get one thing straight here; the new BMW X6 is as brash, as monumental and as one-of-its-kind as ever. It doesn’t care if it has dug its own niche, where no one else is allowed. If it’s out on its own, well, that’s the way it has to be.

If you want to get hold of the 2015 BMW X6, don’t hesitate to leave us a message on our contact page, or give us a call on 01903 538835 to find out more about our BMW X6 lease deals.

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  • 18th December 2014

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