2014 Kia Soul Review – An Evolution not a Revolution?

The new Kia Soul has got more sophisticated, but maintains it’s city-friendly, tall-wagon goodness.

If your thinking of getting a Kia Soul but been put off by past reviews of it’s refinement, this post by Pete Murray of Car Witter talks about how much it’s evolved. It’s actually a really good read… In summary he says it has Funky looks, high tax, good diesel engine, can be pricey.

My biggest criticism of the first generation Kia Soul was that it lacked refinement and had a tendency to crash about over bumps, but the new Soul with its Ceed derived chassis brings the funky looking Kia back into the world of acceptable levels of comfort.”

The base spec Soul Start starts at £12,600 on the road, but with steel wheels and without the toys and shiny finishes of the more plush models it feels as if it is lacking a bit of soul…”

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 16th April 2014

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