2014 Land Rover Discovery Review [Video]

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Anyone who has ever driven a 2014 Land Rover Discovery will tell you there is no experience quite like it. Powerful, tough, and multi-purpose, it’s always been the off-road vehicle of choice for enthusiasts who want to tackle more challenging routes, engage in a battle with their muddy adversaries, pushing themselves and their car to the limits. This, an improved fourth generation version, is everything you expect from a Discovery times two. This means more power, more brawn, more practicalities, and greater capabilities. Even better, the manufacturers have kept up with the latest improvements in technology so that you also get cosmetic updates, lower emissions, and a whole host of high tech equipment. The 2014 Land Rover Discovery, assumed by many to be the sole reason Land Rover still exist, is worth more than a passing glance. Let’s take a closer look.


Front view of 2014 Land Rover Discovery

2014 Land Rover Discovery

Off-Road Excellence

We know that not everyone buys a Discovery for the off-road experience. With a top speed of 112mph, and with 500kg more weight than its closest rivals, it isn’t a vehicle designed to be thrashed around, and many consumers will admit to preferring the classy way of cruising through urban sprawls that it offers them. But we simply can’t talk about the new Land Rover Discovery without eulogising its off-road experience.

This is a proper heavy duty 4×4 vehicle that, it seems, will never shirk on off-road capabilities. It comes fully integrated with a terrain response system that is pretty much the same as having an expert sat at the side of you, guiding you through your battle with the elements, helping you out of fixes and advising you on how to deal with mud, sand and the like. Indeed, this switch panel comes with a few modes; you can use it to select a tarmac program, a grass-gravel-snow program, or you can flick through 3 further off-road options – mud, sand and rock crawl.


rear view of 2014 Land Rover Discovery

2014 Land Rover Discovery

For anyone fairly inexperienced with managing off-road conditions, this sort of thing is essential. Indeed, it pretty much makes all your decisions for you. And if you find yourself in a fix, whereby you’re entrenched in a ever-receding swamp, the vehicle will flex its muscles to help you get out of there, locking in the optimum 50/50 front to rear power split ratio.

If It Isn’t Broken, Don’t Fix It

Land Rover made huge visual changes to the Discovery back in 2004, with the release of the Land Rover Discovery 3. It was 17.6 cm longer, making the transition from a 5 seater to a 7 seater SUV. The same issues that haunted the model back then still continue to pervade somewhat here, with space right at the back a little cramped, and leg room certainly fairly miserly. Such misgivings can be sorted out with a little bit of ingenuity; for example, shorter people could sit at the back, with lengthier people in the middle row. Indeed, the middle offers a bit more comfort and space and, if you’re lucky, you could manage to squeeze 3 adults in here without asking them to cram up too closely to one another.

The actual exterior visuals are what you’d expect, the real major change for the Land Rover Discovery 4 coming in the form of ‘D I S C O V E R Y’ being emblazoned across the nose, as opposed to the usual ‘L A N D R O V E R’. This is because the Discovery is now a sub-brand, much like Range Rover, and as such we can perhaps expect to see the more major visual changes taking place with the Land Rover Discovery 5. For now, we can be satisfied with the addition of slicker head lamps, shinier radiator grill, and new-look bumpers. Inside the front, you also get the neat addition of a chromed gear lever and stitched leather finishing.

Final Thoughts

The funny thing about this Discovery is that it has the potential to compete with the sportier German SUV’s, such as the Mercedes M-class, and the Audi Q7, despite seemingly no intentions to do so to start with. With Land Rover Discovery deals ranging from £40,000 to £50,000, most UK consumers spend around £50,000 on a mid-spec model with a few compelling extras. It’s these extras that elevate it to the sportier segment and allow it to compete with the aforementioned brands. But this is a dangerous business. The German cars are lighter and perform just as well. Moreover, they have a greater reputation. Which leads you to ask, Why would I choose a 2014 Land Rover Discovery?

Well, it’s pertinent to point out that most consumers don’t buy a 2014 Land Rover Discovery because it’s a sporty SUV; it’s selling point lies in its off-road ability, where it completely outstrips its German rivals. If you want the toughest, meanest, most flexible and powerful off-roader, you won’t find better than the 2014 Land Rover Discovery. There isn’t much to choose from in the sense that there is only one body style option, and one SDV diesel power plant, but this matters not; what you get is nothing short of meaty excellence.

We at OSV are committed to finding you the right 2014 Land Rover Discovery finance and cash deals. If you want to get hold of the 2014 Land Rover, don’t hesitate to leave us a message on our contact page, or give us a call on 01903 538835 to find out more about our 2014 Land Rover Discovery lease deals.

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