The New 2014 Mercedes C-Class Review [Video]

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The 2014 Mercedes C-Class is a popular model to lease or buy, however in compact executive motoring it’s always been seen as a bit lacking. But since Mercedes have extensively revised this model, has the 2014 Mercedes C-Class finally become the car it was always meant to be?

The Mercedes C-Class, the BMW 3-Series and the Audi A4 seem to be in a permanent and bloody battle royale for superiority in the compact executive segment. Yet despite its reputation and legions of loyal Mercedes badge lovers, the C-Class has always been a bit of a mouthy underachiever compared to its rivals. If you got one, it was usually due to its perceived luxury status, but in truth the quality has never quite measured up to justify the hefty price tag. Until now. The Mercedes engineers have gone back to the drawing board and extensively reworked it to become the all new and improved 4th generation 2014 Mercedes C-Class… Better, stronger, lighter, more desirable than ever before. They have the technology and they have rebuilt it! The 2014 Mercedes C-Class in session… and this time it’s become the fearsome competitor that BMW and Audi have always feared it could be.

Despite its patchy past, there are now many reasons to seriously consider getting one of these to decorate your driveway. For starters it’s bigger, with 40mm extra width and 95mm added to the length, making it more an altogether more spacious car. It’s lighter than before. 50% of its structure being made from weight saving (yet hardy) aluminium, losing 70kg from its previous weight which has done wonders to the handling of the 2014 Mercedes C-Class as well as making it much more economical. It’s also much cleverer and more advanced. Scarily so some would say. Though not many. There is a smorgasbord of clever technical goodies that improve the quality of the drive or are available for a C-Class owner to make his/her life that bit more luxurious such as intelligent lights (which detect other drivers in front of you and dip your headlights accordingly) a stop-start system (cutting the engine when you aren’t using it) and a Sat-nav that detects when you are going through tunnels to shut out fumes. A spec heavy model even has the ability to drive itself using ultrasound, cameras and radar to know what’s going on around it.

Front View of 2014 Mercedes C-Class

In looks, the 2014 Mercedes C-Class is very sexy and desirable indeed. It looks a bit like a scaled down S-Class in design which will no doubt make potential buyers flock to it. There’s a lot of attention to detail such as the dropping lines that run up the side to the slightly bigger shoulders at the back which give it a more power packed look and complement its bigger size, while larger wheels also give it a vaguely sporty edge.

The interior is where it really goes above and beyond with an outstanding cabin which will no doubt prove a massive selling point for this vehicle. It screams high quality and it’s evident that there’s been a lot of attention to detail here – even the seats have been made comfier and now have an extra 10mm of height adjustment. The dashboard and centre console feel and look great and the available tech will make even a devout Audi fan second guess themselves. Previous generations really fell down when it came to the infotainment system, but with this model they have really upped their game. You have things like the car connect service which allows you to remotely connect to the vehicle from your smartphone to do things like review the cars fuel levels or operate systems such as the heating or ventilation. There’s a fancy optional heads up display that projects the important driving information directly onto the lower screen such as speed and sat nav instructions. As well as making you feel like you’re in a first person driving video game, it takes away the need to even look down at the dials occasionally. How’s that for convenience? You can also access online features such as Facebook and Google Streetview plus many other things. There’s a lot to play around with. One thing that might be hard to get used to is the typing on the centre console which requires you to type with your left hand. Obviously this is a massive plus for any left handed people.

To drive the 2014 Mercedes C-Class, you can immediately tell it’s nicer to drive than previous models. It focuses on comfort and it’s very agile, handling corners like a dream on account of the weight loss program and some clever torque vectoring in the rear brake system. This, more than anything in terms of drive quality has really closed a gap between the 2014 Mercedes C-Class and its competitors. Although the Direct Steer system could still do with a tiny bit more feel. There is also Agility Select (Mercedes version of the rival Drive Select and iDrive performance control systems) which allows you to adjust steering feel, throttle response and auto gear change timings to suit the ride quality you want. Obviously switching it up to Sport or Sport+ enhances the steering even further. Although the standard suspension soaks up the road pretty well, Airmatic Suspension is a very worthwhile investment if you’ve got a spare £895 lying about as it makes the car beautifully breeze over any surface and really adds to the 2014 Mercedes C-Class’s luxury appeal.

Rear view of Mercedes C-Class

In engine terms we are looking at a 2.1ltr C220 BlueTEC unit, good for 170PS as your favourite as standard since it’s fast and economical, but it goes much the same as the previous model albeit with a few tweaks and minor improvements. It’s worth mentioning that the diesel engines still produce quite a bit of noise, but the car does a better job of subduing it, so on journeys it tends to fade into the background. The 2014 Mercedes C-Class’s only petrol engine, the C200 is quieter. There’s also a diesel/electric hybrid model to watch out for. There isn’t a massive range of engines yet admittedly, but there will certainly be more on the way, almost certainly including a high performance AMG model. Mercedes have also gone leaps and bounds in economy, combining ultra-lightweight construction, eco savvy engines as well as technical measures like the stop/start system to produce 103g/km which is incredible numbers to see for this class of car. This will definitely make it a business car favourite.

So what are the downsides to the new C-Class? All the gizmos in the cabin might take a little while to get used to and learn to use effectively. Also the diesels, as mentioned before, tend to show their age when it comes to noise.

All in all, what have we got here with the 2014 Mercedes C-Class? With a facelift, bigger size, lighter weight, more economy, a flawlessly luxurious cabin plus being teched up to the eyeballs; this new C-Class delivers in becoming the luxurious compact exec that it was always destined to be, closing the gap between its BMW and Audi rivals to the point that it may have even surpassed them. This is a brilliant car that has set a new benchmark within the segment and has truly become worth the price tag.

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What do you think of the 2014 Mercedes C-Class?

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