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2014 Renault Twingo The Master Of City Motoring?

2014 Renault Twingo Review

Driving Experience

Young, female and living in the city? The 2014 Renault Twingo comes first in line for the young and busy woman looking for style and performance without digging into the purse.

The Twingo is a relatively light supermini with a short wheelbase that surprisingly, or impressively, handles speed humps and potholes comfortably.

The commonest is the 1.2-litre petrol engine that pulls 75bhp. It will rev up to 60mph within 12.3 seconds running up to 105mph. There is the Renault Sport, however, for those that will want something more powerful. This one is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine and does 133bhp. The Renault Sport is a whizz that will whip from rest and reach 60mph within 8.7 seconds as it runs up to 125mph.

Design and Build

Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo

The design and build of the 2014 Renault Twingo is a contemporary makeover of the old model. This model has been given the stylish and busier look, starting from the grille to the rear bumper. The headlights are etched inside eye-lid-like mouldings, with the front of the Renault Sport looking a little busier. The Twingo’s alloy rims and wheel trims are something of a marvel to notice.

Get inside the car and you will notice how much work Renault have put in to showcase quality and style. The material is good, and so is the choice of colour and patterns. The control panel has a well-coordinated design scheme that emphasises the car’s style and identity.

In case you need more space at the back, the two rear seats can be slid up to 220mm in front or behind for more passengers’ legroom or for luggage, whichever the case may be. The bonus is that the seats can even fold flat to proffer about 959 litres of luggage space!

What’s in it for which model?

The most popular model is the 1.2-litre petrol which fetches for about £10,500. However the Renault Sport 133 model has an asking price starting from £13,500.

Although most of its peers may cost a little less, such as Hyundai, Chevrolet and Kia models, the 2014 Renault Twingo is a stylish model that identifies well with the upmarket urbane young female driving around in the city. It comes with the basic specs, such as air conditioning, a CD stereo with steering wheel controls and audio streaming with USB connectivity. There is also Bluetooth compatibility for your ‘phone. It is fixed with a speed limiter and cruise control. With power mirrors, tinted electric front windows and a height-adjustable driver’s seat, the 2014 Renault Twingo comes as the sleek choice for style coupled with performance.

Cost of Ownership

The Twingo emits 119g/km of CO2 while taking 55.4mpg, therefore following under the 120g/km ECO2 status. Owning it would therefore entail that you pay no road fund licence in your first year of ownership and fork out £30pa after that.

For a little extra from your purse, you can choose an iPod-compatible radio that will enable you to use a Renault-developed app which uses GPS navigation to analyse the eco-friendliness of your driving style. With this app you get such info as tips to keep fuel consumption down.

For about £900, your Twingo qualifies for the ‘Renault 4+’ programme which accords you a comprehensive four-year/100,000 mile warranty coupled with free routine servicing for four years or 48,000 miles. In addition, you get four years of roadside cover and up to four years lease or PCP finance. This, of course, is subject to status.

For insurance purposes, the 1.2-litre petrol engine falls in group 12 on the 1-50 groupings scale. This is as a result of the front and rear of the Twingo; they have been well-designed to shrug off minor knocks. The Renault Sport 133 hot hatch version, however, is a little up and falls into group 21 insurance. The Renault Twingo is one car that was designed to be highly recyclable.


The 2014 Renault Twingo is a chic design that reverberates youth and vibrancy. It is a city car that will satisfy you in terms of running costs as well as the general outlook or appeal. There could be some trendier peers out there with fancier cabins, but they cannot come as close to the cost-effectiveness of the Twingo.

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