Seriously The Business: The 2015 BMW X3 Review

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There is little doubt that the 2015 BMW X3 is a very good compact SUV, but the bosses at BMW will now be waiting with fingers crossed to see if it converts into sales.

Front view 2015 BMW X3

 Any preconceptions you have about the new X3 must be cast aside; the 2015 BMW X3 is a big improvement on its predecessor, and indeed the German manufacturers have given it a very timely mid-life facelift. This means a better choice of engines, more power, enhanced efficiency, and an increased range of trim levels. All in all, the hope for BMW is that the new BMW X3 makes enough noise to alter consumer perception. Let’s take a closer look at what the 2015 BMW X3 offers.

Array of Engines

The new X3 sits between the brand’s X1 and X5 models, and you would therefore be forgiven that it sits comfortably. In other words, you wouldn’t have thought that BMW would have to try too hard to sell a car that is surely very competent. But the compact SUV segment is awash with very competent rivals, which means that the German’s simply have to keep on their toes and up their game with the arrival of their 2015 BMW X3.

So, we have a diesel range where the entry-level is a four-wheel offering, and which comes with 150PS. A step up from here is the xDrive2.0d variant, which comes with 190PS, 380Nm of torque, and which shoots to 62mph from rest in 8.1 seconds. Next in line are a handful of capable six-cylinder engines, with the xDrive3.0d bolstered by 258PS and which arrives at 62mph in just 5.9 seconds.

If you fancy one of the four-cylinder engines, you get the chance to choose between a six-speed manual transmission (offered as standard) and an eight-speed automatic. The company’s patented Drive Dynamic Control system is also offered as an option for the new 2015 BMW X3, and independent suspension assists you as you drive along Britain’s poor roads.

Midlife Crisis?

Midlife facelifts are a funny thing for cars; you’d expect to be able to easily notice a host of dramatic changes that cause you to stare a little longer than usual, asking why the manufacturers felt the need to do such a thing. The truth is that the changes are usually subtle and, for the average consumer, barely noticeable at all.

rear view of 2015 BMW X3

But that’s not the case here for the new X3. Instead, the new BMW X3 looks similar to the more imposing X5 at the front. It has revised headlight units, and, with a bit of extra cash, you can upgrade to LED units. The front and back bumpers are now more comely, possessing a sleeker, more fluid shapeliness than last time around, whilst the LED indicators come safely ensconced in your exterior mirrors. New paint finishes and slick alloy wheels top the exterior off nicely.

Even if you’re looking to buy a used BMW X3, you’ll still be overawed by the classy nature of an X3’s interior. As ever, the interior just feels right, with the brand fully aware that they’re in direct competition with classy luxury SUVs, such as the Audi Q5 – cars that simply don’t shirk on quality.  The 2015 BMW X3 comes with as much space as ever too, with 550-litres of boot space on offer.

Numbers and Figures

 The BMW X3 price range starts at £31,000. The 2015 BMW X3 does come with a lot of improvements, and there are more features worth talking about too, such as the heated seats, the BMW business satellite navigation system, as well as an automatic tailgate and leather upholstery. BMW X3 deals are, moreover, less expensive than deals for, say, an Audi Q5.

BMW are a brand that has worked hard to lower emissions, and the 2015 BMW X3 is a case in point. The 3.0-litre 313PS variant emits 157g/km of CO2, whilst the xDrive35d model comes with a fuel economy of 47.1mpg. Those figures are improved to 60.1mpg for the sDrive18d variant, with emissions here standing at 124g/km.

Final Thoughts

 The new BMW X3 is certainly a more imposing model than its predecessor, with its frontal looks in particular not exactly dissimilar to its X5 cousin, but this is really only a good thing; it basically means that the 2015 BMW X3 is on its way to being the brands’ best all-rounder. Looks, performance, power, and efficiency – it has it all. Even better, it comes with more accessories and features than before and the extra trim level is certainly a great selling point.

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