26p an hour car hire scheme launches in London

26p an hour car hire

26p an hour car hire

What’s that- 26p an hour car hire around London?!

Taking inspiration from the ‘Boris Bike’ scheme, the docking station is located in the West End’s bustling Berkley Square and will run from 0800 – 1800 until Thursday 6th December for commuters to experience driving fun in a MINI Cooper for less than the cost of a chocolate bar.

The initiative comes off the back of new research revealing that Londoners have the least amount of fun in Britain, followed by their counterparts in Manchester and Birmingham – with 142, 148 and 152 minutes fun-time daily. This is compared to a smiling Swansea whose residents manage to find more than four hours (244 minutes) to enjoy themselves each day.

The cost of just 26p is an hourly rate based on a finance package of just £189 a month for a MINI Cooper (plus deposit) – a special finance offer designed to make MINIs more affordable.

There is no need to sign up first, just visit the MINI Fun Hire Service, insert 26p into the ticket machine, take your ticket and off you go.  Staff will be on hand to introduce drivers to the delights of the MINI Cooper Hatch, with its famous go-kart handling and grin-inducing driving dynamics, and will accompany the driver for the hour and even drive it back from their end destination – ready for the next pleasure-poor Brit.

Heading up the 26p an hour car hire scheme, The MINIster of Finance at MINI, the face of the car manufacturer’s MINIfesto campaign, comments:

“My mission is to make MINIs more affordable for the masses, so I’m delighted to launch the MINI Fun Hire Service today. The research showed that Londoners in particular could do with a little bit of fun in their lives so I hope that a zip across town in a MINI Cooper will bring some much needed pre-Christmas cheer.”

The study showed that Brits have fun for an average of just over two hours a day – that is a mere ten per cent of their year. With more than half of Brits (54 per cent) blaming their fun-deprived days on their daily commute – and a further 42 per cent admitting they work too many hours to be able to enjoy themselves. Isn’t that just sad? Men were found to have more fun than women, enjoying 151 minutes of laughter time on average each day compared to 146 minutes.

Still, all that psychology aside, who doesn’t want to rock about the capital in the iconic MINI Cooper hatch? That’s right it’s not just for tourists remember- you can get your very own slice of proper Britannia at Berkeley Square right no so what are you waiting for? Certainly beats struggling onto the tube, say the northern line, at 9 in the morning only to be pressed up against someone’s armpit for 7 stops before you’re churned out onto the street with the rest of the herd. Actually now you say it like that it does sound pretty depressing. ANYWAY- with the 26p an hour car hire in London you can’t go wrong.

What do you think of the new 26p an hour car hire scheme?