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Toyota’s small Yaris hatchback has been uniquely refined to match the ever-growing technology in the auto industry, and now boasts Toyota’s Synergy Drive hybrid system.

The refinements witnessed with the small Yaris have been attributed to a series of engineering steps which have added superb quality to the previous model.

The new Yaris Hybrid was officially launched in the UK on 1st July this year promising more on passenger cabin space courtesy of the clever packaging witnessed with the new model.

The general size of the hybrid components was beautifully reduced to fit beneath the bonnet and the model’s battery made adequately small to fit just below the rear seat close to the fuel tank.

Were you looking to purchase or lease a new hatchback? The new Toyota Yaris Hybrid is the one car that we do recommend.

In contrast to the UK-built Auris, this new edition comes with a Synergy Drive system that has been well integrated to avoid swallowing space.

With the car’s fuel consumption going below 70 miles to the gallon, the car remains relatively relevant in the UK’s auto market.

Additionally, the car is equally friendly to the environment thanks to its low CO2 emissions of less than 80 g/km, a figure beneath UK’s Congestion Charge.

If you are looking for that ideal city car, don’t think twice; instead, purchase this Toyota Yaris Hybrid and do justice to your environment.

The new version has been specifically tailored to adequately address the needs and desires of the UK car drivers.

Cease this opportunity and experience what you have been missing in the automobile industry.

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