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Department: Marketing Team
Salary Range: £D.O.E

Do you love everything about marketing and want to learn more? If so, then this could be the perfect role for you.

At OSV, we believe in our team, which is why we offer a generous salary and rewards package including 20 days holiday plus bank holidays (increasing to 25 days), pension and merchandise discounts.

As our Marketing Assistant, you will be working within our small marketing team to support our Head of Marketing, Content Strategist, Videographer/Graphic Designer and Customer Relationship Officer.

Do you enjoy reading, learning and growing? Professional development is important to us at OSV. We dedicate time to ensure every member of our team is provided with the skills they need to succeed in their role.

Are you flexible, with a positive attitude to working in an open office environment? Do you love a challenge? Do you take pride in the work you do?

The Marketing Assistant will play an important role in the marketing team, and will need to be able to work to deadlines. We are looking for someone who is on the ball, happy to share ideas and always looking for ways to improve.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Sending marketing emails on behalf of our sales team
  • Research for sales and marketing teams
  • Idea generation for strategies
  • Assist the Customer Relationships Officer with client courtesy calls
  • Managing social media
  • Support the marketing team

If you have experience in social media for business, have an understanding of marketing and SEO, have worked previously in WordPress and have a genuine interest in marketing and learning then what are you waiting for?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you want to work somewhere where every single member of the team is valued? Is feedback important to you? Are you the sort of person who can make people laugh?

If you’re nodding and recognise these traits as your own then OSV could be a place where you would fit in perfectly.

If you’ve read this and think that you’d be perfect for this role, or would like to find out more, please send your CV and a covering letter, including your salary expectation, to marked for the attention of Abbie Mockett.


Then upload your CV and Cover Letter here.

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At OSV we like to think we’ve created the sort of place where you’ll like working. Of course, creating new business and hitting targets are our focus, but ensuring that our employees are happy, can grow and develop their careers is Just as important.

There’s a tonne of training available and, to make things a bit more interesting, everyone has access to PerkBox where you can pick up discounts and treats throughout the year.

A lot goes into making OSV a great place to work, and we think it’s worth mentioning all of it.


Andrew and Debbie love being around the rest of the team and, instead of being hidden away in a corner office, they both take an interest in really understanding the people they work with. They want to understand what’s important to the rest of the team and will actively help them to achieve their goals.

Having this personal approach really helps everyone in the company to grow and accomplish their aspirations.



We’ve put together a detailed training programme in order to fully train and prepare you for your new role.

Unlike many other companies that are happy to throw you in at the deep end, our training programme will welcome you into the business with an HR induction, a full insight into who we are, where we sit in the industry and what you can expect when working with us.

You’ll meet your colleagues and have an official welcome before starting a 3-5 day training programme (depending on your role) to fast track you to expert knowledge and set you up for quick success.


You can benefit from a bespoke training and development plan that works alongside your personal goals and the business objectives. This means that we’ll be able to provide any training that you need and tailor it to your learning style. This could involve promotion training, such as:

Our Leadership Development Program

A comprehensive investment, nurturing your natural talent and focusing on your specific career goals. This is ideal for anyone looking to grow in their position and move into a mentoring role in the future. It involves things like: how to deliver feedback, emotional intelligence for leaders, decision-making, problem-solving, coaching skills, delegation, motivating for success, quality mentoring, performance management and much more.

If you’re interested in gaining qualifications, we have a partnership with Northbrook College. Through the college we can organise courses and nationally-recognised qualifications for you, these include: Principles in Customer Service, Principles of Business and Administration, as well as many others.


We like to do things a little differently here at OSV. Not only do we reward you with reaching your monthly targets, but also on customer satisfaction, commitment to vision and culture, self-improvement and teamwork.

You’ll also go through pay reviews. We completely understand that although company culture and job enjoyment is a very important factor in overall employee happiness, money matters. We will work closely with you to understand what’s important and what you want to earn and do everything we can to help you make it happen.

On top of all of this, you can be sure you’ll receive a regular thank you and well done! Praise and gratitude is a huge part of our culture here at OSV. You’ll regularly hear acknowledgements and celebrations of employee success throughout the working day with plenty of smiles and encouragement from everyone.

It doesn’t matter what your skills or department is, you’ll always be recognised for a job well done.


We could talk for hours about what makes OSV great for a whole bunch of reasons – but we also feel it’s important to note who we wouldn’t be a good fit for. As much as we would love to welcome everyone into the OSV family, every person is different and our environment won’t be right for everyone. We don’t want to dissuade anyone from applying, but knowing who shouldn’t apply is as much for you as it is for us.


Someone who is looking for unlimited promotion opportunities.
Although we have a great structure in place for promotions, we’re still a relatively small business. We’ll never have the number of promotional opportunities available that a large corporate company will have. We have plenty of monetary incentives available. However, if the title is very important to you, we may not be a long-term fit.

People who aren’t interested in feedback.
As a business, having a learning and development culture is important to us. We want everybody to achieve and to feel happy when they reach their own personal goals and aspirations. Our whole ethos is based around this belief. We’ve designed a performance system which gives plenty of feedback to both employee and employer. If you aren’t interested in this sort of structure, we may not be right for you.

People who want their own office.
Our office is completely open plan. Upstairs we have our sales and finance departments and downstairs is our marketing team. Our Directors sit with us. If you’re not interested in working as one large team, then our environment might not work for you.

You need a parking space directly outside the office right away.
On a business estate like ours, parking spaces are like gold dust. We have a limited supply of spaces assigned to us and these are given to managers and team leaders. Off-site there are spaces available, although they do tend to fill up quickly in the morning. In other words, if you’re driving, the earlier you get here the closer to the office you’ll be able to park. If you’re happy to use public transport, the train station is 20-minutes away on foot, and there’s a bus stop 5-minutes away.

If you want a canteen lunch every day.
Unlike some larger businesses, we don’t have a canteen or cafe on the premises. Due to our location there aren’t a huge number of places where you can go out and buy a ready-made lunch unless you want to drive to the local shops (a large Tesco is 5-minutes away). We do get a visit from several sandwich vans every morning – many people buy from them every day. Most of the team bring their own lunch in – we do have a kitchen area with a fridge to keep your lunch fresh, a microwave to heat up your lunchtime soup, and obviously a kettle for the essential tea and coffee.

Your skills fall outside of our business.
While we’re always looking for talent, we don’t have internal IT departments at the moment or internal finance functions. Our predominant area of recruitment is usually sales, marketing or administration and customer service. If your skill set falls outside of these areas we probably can’t help you right now.


Generally speaking, we’re happy to talk to anyone who feels they’ll be a great fit for the company and hope that everyone can be happy here, although we appreciate that we can’t help everyone.

If you think that all of the above sounds perfect for you and you’re ready to kickstart your career with OSV then submit your details, an up-to-date CV and your cover letter explaining why you’re the right fit for OSV. We look forward to hearing from you.


Watch our culture and team biography videos to find out how we run as a team and a business.

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