Aston Martin Vantage N430 Review

The Aston Martin Vantage N430 has it’s formula perfected after nearly 10 years.

Meet the new Aston Martin V8 Vantage and it’s new N-for-Nurburgring, 430-for-horsepower Aston Vantage! Back in 2007, it had an uprated version of the then-4.3-litre V8 with an extra 20bhp, plus bespoke dampers, springs and rear anti-roll bar. This new one takes all its settings from the optional sports suspension-equipped Vantage S. The alterations are chiefly the two-tone paint schemes (there’s a choice of five), various N430 badges, a carbon gear surround, alcantara steering wheel, that sort of thing.

The sole possible dynamic advantage comes from the 20kg of weight saved by using lighter forged alloy wheels and carbon-fibre and Kevlar seats.

Ah, the new N-for-Nurburgring, 430-for-horsepower Aston Vantage!
It’s always been handsome. It still is. This is not a surprise. Tell me what’s new.
Sorry to interrupt, but are you telling me this is a purely cosmetic upgrade?
But the original N400 wasn’t, was it?
This is a bit disappointing.
It’s also plenty of time for it to feel hopelessly out of date.
But not fast? It has a 0-60mph time of 4.6 seconds.
So it’s a proper driver’s car?
And the cabin?
It used to get slated for its sat nav system, too.
But that would be even more money, and I bet the N430 is deep into six figures already…

To answer all these questions see the full review on topgear.com

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