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Alfie is a recent starter at OSV and really enjoys making sure the customer is completely satisfied in the care they receive.

He enjoys going to the gym, socialising, eating out and playing playstation.

How to build your credit score by leasing a car

Everything you need to know about building your credit score by leasing...
A man looking at his credit score
Leasing a car is the same as any repayment finance agreement, which means that it will be shown on your credit score. This means it can either have a positive or a negative effect on the score. While at first, this may seem like a bad thing, it actually doesn’t have to be. Leasing a car is a great way of improving and building up your credit score. In this article, we look at everything you need to know about building your credit score by leasing a car. Leasing affects credit score the same way every loan does. From a credit standpoint, car leasing is the same as a car loan. 35% of your credit score is based on your payment history. And car leasing is just that, payments. So, leasing does have quite an impact on your credit score...

Why is car leasing a bad idea?

Why car leasing might not be the right option for you
car leasing to own at the end
Despite its increasing popularity, there is still the view that car leasing is a bad idea. Of course, we understand that for some people, car leasing is a bad idea. We aren’t going to sit here and tell you that car leasing is the best thing since sliced bread and you must do it immediately. Because for some people, it’s not and they shouldn’t. At OSV, we are completely transparent when it comes to car leasing. And that even means writing an article about the bad things about car leasing. So, in this article we’ll look at when car leasing is a bad idea, and why it might not be for you. Firstly, let’s look at the disadvantages of car leasing; You don’t own the vehicle...
what are the pros and cons of owning a car that has gone over its mileage
When you lease a car, one of the things you have to really consider is the annual mileage. Your annual mileage determines how many miles you will be doing (obviously) and it also has an impact on the monthly payments. We’ll discuss this in a minute. Also, if you go over that annual mileage, you will incur charges. But, what happens if you have already gone over your miles? Or you think you might be over your mileage when your contract is up? We advise people on this matter every day at OSV, so we’re going to talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of leasing a car when it has gone over its mileage. Firstly, let’s talk about what excess mileage actually is. Excess mileage is when you go over your annual mileage. Your mileage is set at the start of your agreement. This can be anything from 5,000 miles to...
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