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Having worked for years in PR helping grow a leading UK technology company, Aylish decided to branch out and help businesses access the exposure they need to reach new heights. With several years experience in managing and delivering PR strategies across sectors ranging from auto industry to food & drink to healthcare, Aylish loves to explore the different ways both traditional and online media can help startups gain traction as well their role in longer term brand building.

Electric Car Charging
Electric vehicles are slowly becoming an established part of the world’s transport ecosystem, but while Norway is known as the green car capital, it might surprise some people to learn that France is leading the way in electric vehicle infrastructure. According to the new Electric Car Index from OSV Ltd, the UK’s leading independent vehicle professionals, the French installed more than a third more electric vehicle charging points (11,987) in the last year than anywhere else in the world – only Germany (ranked fifth overall with 1.1% market share and a single buyer incentive) came close, with 7,937 – putting them at the top of OSV’s electric vehicle index.

Celebrating OSV’s 20th Anniversary – Press Release

Twenty Years and Stronger than Ever – OSV Celebrates its Platinum Anniversary
1997 was a big year. Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ came to power, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published, and Britain relinquished its claim on Hong Kong. Amidst all of these local-global events, in West Success Andrew and Debbie Kirkley were preparing for their own big occasion: the launch of their business, OSV. 20 years on, OSV’s format has changed a little, but the business is more successful than ever before. When Andrew and Debbie renounced their respective careers, as Fleet Manager for Dagenham Motors and PA to a Technical Director at Barratt Homes, their aim was independence. Working within the popular ‘pile ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap’ model, the OSV of 1997 was a business created merely to make a living. The OSV of 2017 is a family, with an emphasis on service and long-term customer relationships.
OSV Perfect Car White
If you could design the perfect car, what would it look like? That’s the question that the UK’s leading independent car specialists, OSV, asked 1,000 members of the British public and the results aren’t necessarily what you might expect. The lights of an Audi A5, the wheels of a Range Rover Sport, and the grill of a Lamborghini HURACÁN; so far, so predictable. If you asked a man to design his perfect car, this is most likely what he would come up with. Colour it black, add in the practical but shapely roof of the Ford Edge, a handy hatchback and the wing mirrors of the Range Rover EVOQUE and you have a sensible, stylish and undeniably classy car, once the proportions have been reconfigured.
Is your car stalling your love life
It’s no secret that studies often find that women consider men who drive expensive cars more attractive, but what about the cars they find least attractive?New research released today, revealed that the Mini topped the list with just 5% of women saying that they found men driving Mini’s attractive.
OSV respond to Autumn Statement
Andrew Kirkely, co-director of OSV Ltd has responded to the government's Autumn Statement. Full details are below...
The Autumn Statement and the Automotive Industry
The trade body for the vehicle rental and leasing industry has responded to the government’s Autumn Statement. Full details are below: The BVRLA has welcomed the Chancellor’s decision to introduce a new, more granulated range of company car tax bandings for ultra-low emission cars from April 2020, but is concerned that the timing of the changes will lead to a drop-off in demand for these vehicles in the intervening period. The changes will see 15 new bandings introduced, of which 11 will be for ULEVS. From 2020...
what is hire purchase
As September 1st 2016 saw the latest tranche of new vehicles hitting the showroom, research by OSV, the UK’s leading independent vehicle supply professionals, reveals that the registration releases play a significant role in encouraging drivers to upgrade their car, with 29% saying the new licence plate is a major influence. It seems that almost two thirds (63%) of drivers specifically wait for the new registration before upgrading to a new car, with 17% of motorists being tempted to splash the cash simply to get their hands on the new number plate.
woman opening car
Almost half of all drivers (47%) say they lose their car keys on a regular basis according to new survey by OSV, the UK’s leading independent vehicle supply professionals. With motorists admitting to spending on average 4 minutes per day looking for car keys, it’s come to light that almost a third (28%) of all drivers don’t keep a spare set of keys as a back-up, and nearly one in five (17%) drivers confess to misplacing their car keys once a week.
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