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Faye enjoys Music, Dog Walking and Socialising with friends.

Faye is an experienced blogger with a keen eye for finding excellent information about the subjects she writes about. Giving OSV blog readers the most accurate knowledge.

What is checked in an MOT and a service?

A complete guide to everything on your car that's checked during an MOT and service.
Auto mechanic checking car engine at the garage
A car MOT and service are two very different checks that must be performed on your car regularly to ensure it is safe for the road. But what is the difference between what is checked in a MOT and a service? In this article, we'll take you through the key differences between a service and a MOT and explain why each are important elements of your cars maintenance program.

What are fleet cars and how does fleet vehicle leasing work?

If your business requires staff to travel for their job then you may be considering your options for fleet cars. But how does fleet vehicle leasing work?
green cars parked in a line on the pavement
If your business requires staff to travel for their job then you may be considering your options for fleet cars. But how does fleet vehicle leasing work? What are the benefits of fleet vehicle leasing? and which cars are the best choice for your fleet? In this article, we'll tackle the nitty gritty and give you all of the information you need by answering your common question How does fleet vehicle leasing work?

Top 5 concerns when leasing a van

Worried about leasing a van? We have explored some of the top 5 concerns drivers have about leasing a van to keep your mind at rest
smart business man looking concerned with his and up to his face isolated on a white background
Leasing a van can feel like a bit of a minefield. Luckily, we're here to help! There are many factors to take into consideration and so many options that you can choose. Everyone has a unique circumstance and so this is the core reason so many options are available. With so much choice there is bound to be a lease van agreement to suit you. There are different types of Lease agreements that you can choose from as well as different payment plans. Each financial provider offers different variants so it is worthwhile using a leasing broker or checking out a few a providers before making your decision.

Vans for plasterers

In need of a new van? There are several van models out there to choose from but which one is the best for a plasterer?
When it comes to transporting essential tools and equipment for plastering, you need a van that offers a generous payload but is suitable for a variety of customer locations. Ladders and boards are crucial for the job at hand so you need a van that is wide enough and can take extra racking for essential large tools. There are several van models out there but which one is the best for a plasterer?

Vans for builders

Are you a builder in need of a van? We explore in this article all the information you need to know and the best vans for builders
a group of builders looking at building plans in half built
The building trade is becoming increasingly popular. This has been since the introduction of 'work and earn' learning incentives such as apprenticeships. Another contributing factor to this growing trade is the pressure on governments to build more housing. The UK simply does not have enough homes to house everyone living here. Combine this with the low mortgage interest rates which have also made the demand for property much higher and you can see why it's such a valuable trade. Builders undertake a variety of roles under their humble title and are often thought of as the glue that holds a construction project together. It is therefore imperative that builders have a trusty and reliable vehicle. The ability to get from job to job and between trade suppliers and site is essential. Because a builder typically sets their hand to most construction efforts they will need to be prepared with a full toolkit and enough space for the materials to fulfil a wide variety of jobs. A builder can construct anything from a garage, extension, even a home built from scratch so you can imagine the variety of materials needed to cover all of these jobs. Therefore their vehicle requirements can be a challenging consideration. Deciding between a pic [.

Best vans for carpenters

Are you a carpenter in need of a new van? In this article we explore all the information you will need and the best vans for the job
a group of carpenters building things from wood in a dusty but well lit room with blurred background
Carpenters carry so many tools that they effectively need a mobile shed for a vehicle. What with routers, sanders, table saws, nail guns and so on it’s a wonder there’s any room left for all the tools they need to get through the day. Flexibility and space are vital and for most, the medium-sized panel van will do the job. But for those that do want to be able to work comfortably inside their van, a high roof option will help and a long wheelbase version will provide even more space to comfortably carry tools and materials.

Vans for security

In need of a new van for your security business? Explore all the information that you need and the best vans for the job
a security worker talking on his radio with a city blurred in the background
No van is 100% secure when faced with the most dedicated of lock pickers and thieves. Reported break-ins on top vans like Ford Transits are deemed higher in recent years due to the sheer volume of vehicles on the road. Even though there is not a foolproof anti-theft van available, you can enhance the security on your vans in many ways. Depending on the type of business you are running depends on the type of van that you will need. For parcel deliveries, you are more than likely looking for a big cabbed van like a Ford Transit or a Mercedes Sprinter. For a tradesman, you are more likely looking for the smaller variety of van like a VW Caddy.

Ford Lease Deals: Top 5 Fords to get your hands on

Want to lease a new ford? Explore in this article some of Fords history, the best cars to date and which ones to get your hands on
picture of a ford office with their badge on the front of the building
Ford Lease Deals: Top 5 Fords to get your hands on Ford is undoubtedly a household brand recognised by the entire population. The history of Ford dates back to the 20th Century with the iconic Model T. Over the years the models have changed but the reputation Ford has of developing some of the most forward-thinking and stylish cars on the road remains. In Ford have quite a brigade of loyal fans in the UK. There are a few core reasons for their popularity. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the top 5 Fords to get your hands on and why we wanted to share what Ford is famed for. Ford cars offer incredible value Across the whole range of Ford cars from SUV's to hatchbacks, the brand consistently manages to craft great cars at competitive prices. As a market leading car brand they lead the way in value.

Vans for roofers

In need of a new van for your roofing business? We have created this article to give you all the information needed & the best vans to suit you
a working in high vis jacket installing a new roof on a house
Roofing as a business can take you sky high.... literally. With the volume of new homes being built in the UK currently, it's a trade that will never go out of fashion. Roofing is a lucrative business to be part of, especially in areas with a significant amount of development. As a roofer, you will undoubtedly know the importance of your trusty van. It not only transports you and your equipment from job to job, but it's also there by your side to collect materials from the builder's merchant. Reliability is key. How frustrating to have a perfect weather day for a roofing job and have to cancel at the last minute because the van won't start! Not good business at all.
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