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Kya enjoys: Watching movies and spending time with friends.

Kya is known for a cheery outlook and loves to collaborate with the team. She always wants to get the best results and enjoys watching new ideas come to life.

How far can an electric car travel on one charge?

We look at how far the top electric cars in the UK can get you before you have to recharge...
Map - how far can an electric car travel in one charge
With electric cars becoming an increasingly popular sight on our roads, it’s worth talking about range anxiety. Range anxiety is pretty simple; it’s the worry that the battery will run out of power before your reach your destination, or you reach a charging point.In a way, we all understand range anxiety because I can’t be the only one that panics when my phone hits 20% and I’m not home yet. But anyway, range anxiety is, for some, a big factor when considering an electric car.Many people have tried to reassure drivers that range anxiety really isn’t as bad as people think it is, and that you can actually get quite a way in an electric car before it runs out of charge.But, how far can an electric car go?We take a look at how far the Top 8 electric cars in the UK can go before they run out of charge. We measured them from the OSV offices down in Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3QZ and used Google Maps to find the quickest route North. Bear in mind that this is with little traffic and driving at the recommended speed limit.
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