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Martin enjoys: Meals with friends and family, swimming, films, sports and playing his guitar.

Martin loves to challenge the team to make sure every aspect of the leasing process is clear and fully compliant, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love to joke around as well. He's always smiling, even on the busiest days in the office.

What happens if my lease car is in an accident?

Your no-panic guide to lease car accidents...
Getting a new lease vehicle after an accident
Accidents happen. And sometimes, accidents happen in lease cars.It’s a huge inconvenience, we know that, but sometimes it does happen. Therefore, it’s important to know exactly what happens if your lease car is an accident. We don’t deal with this directly. This is because we aren’t owners of the vehicle and once the agreement is activated we have limited power over what can be done. However, we do advise people on what they should do, and what tends to happen. So we’re going to talk you through what you should do if your lease car is an accident. If you are involved in an accident then there are obviously different severities. So the first thing to do would be to contact the finance house to find out whether your car can be repaired or whether it’s a write-off...

How to avoid damage costs on your lease car

Make sure you aren't caught out at the end of your lease contract.
man in a white polo shirt inspecting a scratch on his red car
1 to 5 years is quite a long time. It might not feel it, but it’s a lot of driving and it’s a lot of time in your lease car. It’s also a long time to try and not damage your lease car. But sometimes, the damage is inevitable. Be it a scratch, a dent or something internal such as having to replace air filters or spark plugs. If you don’t get these things fixed by the time your lease contract is up, then you could incur charges. But there are ways to avoid this. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to pre-emptively avoid damage charges, how to avoid them before inspection and what happens if you do get charged. When your lease contract comes to an end, your car will undergo an inspection. This will happen either a week before or on the day of collection. When it happens is down to the finance house, so it’s best to check with them.

Who pays for the insurance on a lease car?

Everything you need to know about insuring your lease car
Car key on a certificate of motor insurance
Insurance is one of the biggest extra costs when it comes to cars, regardless of whether you are leasing or buying.But insurance on a lease car can be confusing. You don’t actually own the car, so who’s responsible for the insurance?In this article we’ll look at who is responsible for the insurance, whether lease price affects insurance and how you can lower the price.Before we start, it should be noted that we are not insurance brokers, and we are certainly not insurance experts. However, we talk this through with customers every day, and we know enough to educate you on the basics. If you are in any doubt about anything, we recommend talking to your insurance company. Although you don’t own the car on a lease, you are the one responsible for insuring it and therefore the one who is responsible for paying for it. The insurance has to be fully comprehensive, and 99% of the time, insurance isn’t included in your lease contract...

What is the initial payment on a lease car?

Everything you need to know about your initial payment...
what is the initial payment
When you lease a car you have to pay an initial payment. This is essentially a deposit that you put down at the start of the contract. This can also be referred to as the down payment.The down payment of a lease car historically used to be a number of monthly payments. This could be anything from 1 to 12 monthly payments. However, in recent years this has changed to a cash amount of £1,000, £2,000 or even £20,000 depending on the vehicle. However, how much you put down is up to you, but more on that later.So, what is the initial payment? And, when do you have to pay it?We get asked about this a lot at OSV and it’s understandable, you want to know exactly where your money is going. So in this article we’re going to explain what an initial payment is, how it’s calculated and when you need to pay it.

How can I pay for my initial payment?

What are the ways I can pay for my initial payment?
Two man shaking hands, handing our car keys - First Car
At the start of your lease contract, you have to pay an initial payment. Or, initial rental, or down payment, whichever you choose to call it.Typically, this used to be a number of monthly payments, and was anything up to 12 months’ worth of rentals. When you have to pay this depends on how you pay for this initial payment and the terms of the finance approval. So, how can you pay for your initial payment? In this article we look at the ways you can pay this, and how this affects when you have to pay. You will know how much your down payment will be before you sign your contract.There will be some finance houses that stipulate you have to put down a certain amount. This could be down to their policy, your financial circumstances or your credit history.

What happens if I damage a lease car?

Damaged your lease car? Don't worry, here's what you have to do...
You have your lease car for quite a while. 1-5 years may not seem that much time, but it’s a lot of driving. And, there is a chance that you could end up damaging your lease car.So, what happens when you damage a lease car? When you lease a car, you don’t own it. This means you have to keep it in pretty good condition for when you give it back. It’s the same as if you lent someone a book or a camera; you’d want them to take care of it. And, the finance house wants you to take care of their car. But if you damage that car, then you could incur charges. Of course, there is some leeway. The finance house aren’t expecting you to keep it in showroom condition for the length of your contract, that would be silly. So they will allow for something they call fair wear and tear. We’ve advised people on this quite a bit in our nineteen year history. So, we’ve written an article explaining what happens if you damage a lease car. At the end of your lease contract, your car will undergo an inspection. When this happens depends on your finance house. Some will do it a week before and some will inspect it on...

How does leasing affect car insurance?

Why does leasing affect car insurance?
how does leasing affect insurance
If you're looking to lease a car then you need to think about insurance. Insuring your car is one of the biggest extra costs when it comes to cars, whether you are leasing or buying. But, does it affect insurance? And if so, how? We should note, before we start, that we are not insurance brokers. Therefore we are not experts. If you are in any doubt about insurance we do recommend you go to an insurance broker. However, we can give our opinion. And, we give our opinion out to customers every day. So, how does leasing affect insurance? Firstly, lets look at the different things that affect insurance as a whole...

Why has my car’s delivery been delayed?

What Factors Would Cause My Car to be Delayed?
You’ve done your research, spoken to a sales person, signed the documents and now you’re just waiting for your car to arrive. And now, tragedy strikes, and you discover that your car has been delayed!We understand how frustrating this must be. After all, you’ve gone through such a lengthy process and now you find out you’re going to have to wait even longer. But, there is probably a very valid reason as to why your car is delayed. We have ordered thousands of cars over the years, so we've encountered our fair share of delays. We understand how frustrating it can be so we've written an article explaining the delivery process, and what sort of things can impact the delivery time...
Do I Need GAP Insurance? Pros, Cons, & Cost of GAP Insurance
When you first lease or finance a car you’re probably surprised by what a great deal you’ve found.And then you’re told that the price doesn’t include insurance. Or servicing. Or extended warranty. Of course, these are essential so you’re happy to pay for them. Then, just when you think you’ve got everything covered, you hear about Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance. “I have to have ANOTHER lot of insurance?!” we hear you ask in anguish. Actually no, you don’t have to...
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