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Tina enjoys: Spending time with her grandchildren, Musical theatre, piano, holidays and travel - especially to Gozo.

Tina is known for a happy smile around the office with an animated and fun outlook on life. She's highly methodical and detail orientated with a cheeky sparkle in everything she does.

Why has my vehicle’s build date moved?

Reasons why your build date may have moved
why has my build date moved
Your car is on order, and you have been given an estimated time of arrival but you’ve noticed that your build date has moved. There is always a chance that your build date will be moved. There are loads of things that can affect the build date of a vehicle. Sometimes it will be moved back, but there is a chance that it can also be moved forward. Either way, you’ll want to know why. At OSV we have a dedicated customer service team that are experts in the delivery process. So, we’ve written an article explaining what sort of things can affect delivery date, build date and reasons why your build date may have moved. How will I know if my build date has moved? It depends on your individual broker or dealership. Each company has a different way of doing things. There will be some brokers and car dealers will not keep you updated on the status of your vehicle. You might not even know your car has been delayed or is even going to arrive early until it either appears on your doorstep a week early, or doesn’t at all!

Stock car vs. factory order: Pros, cons and other considerations

What is the difference between a stock car and a factory order?
When you get a new car, you either get a stock car, or a factory order. One of the most commonly asked questions we get at OSV is ‘what’s the difference between a stock car and a factory order?’ The answer is quite a bit. Obviously, we aren’t just going to leave it at that. We explain stock cars and factory orders every day at OSV. So, in this article we’ll be talking about what they both mean, the main differences, and the pros and cons of each. A stock car quite literally means that the car is in stock. It could be on site at the dealership, held at a compound or sometimes can be held at the port and delivered straight from there. But, stock can also mean in stock somewhere abroad. So, it’s always best to check. If you factory order your new car, then this means that the vehicle is not yet built...

Why won’t my vehicle broker give me a delivery date?

Why you should never be "promised" a delivery date
why havent I been promised a delivery date
Sometimes our customers ask us why we won't promise a delivery date for their vehicle. It's understandable. They've paid for something, they want to know when it's going to arrive at their door. However, we don't promise delivery dates. Because we don't make promises we can't keep. And it's the same for other trustworthy brokers or new car dealers. Anyone who values customer service will not promise a delivery date. And in this article we will explain why...
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