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Skoda – Award Winning Models Available To Lease

If you are looking for a vehicle that will return maximum performance for your money, SKODA ticks all the boxes.

If the stunning performance demonstrated by this car model in the ‘Auto Express Driver Power’ survey is anything to go by, Skoda certainly stands head and shoulders above its competitors.

For starters, Skoda Yeti has scooped top-class honours in the ‘Best Car’ listings, amazingly switching places with Skoda Superb, last year’s winner.

The Skoda Yeti strikes the perfect balance between on road performance, family orientated practicality and rugged 4×4 styling and is perfect for life in both towns and cities. The Yeti is safety conscious, spacious and at the push of a button turns into a highly capable off road vehicle. In a nutshell, the Yeti is the ultimate all-rounder.

Impressive too, that Skoda Superb took the second position this year, with the Octavia repeating its success once more by finishing fourth.

The surprisingly agile Skoda Superb is a comfortable, refined and spacious car with airbags in abundance. There is no doubting Skoda’s strength in all aspects, especially where safety is concerned, as a five star Euro NCAP rating proves. The Superb has all the feel, space and quality of an executive car at family car prices.

The latest award winning Skoda Octavia has high standards of build quality and equipment levels. It has a huge cabin, is easy to drive and is a good looking sophisticated car. The Octavia is affordable to run, offers great value for money and is one of the most spacious cars in its class.

Having three Skoda models appearing in the top five rankings is quite an achievement and in 2011, Skoda was also voted as the ‘Best Manufacturer’ making history by having received the award three times in a row. Also in this year, Skoda UK witnessed a 9.2 per cent improvement in registrations, hitting a high of over 45,000 units. All in all, a total of 18 prestigious awards were scooped by Skoda.

With all this success, a purchase or lease of any of these models is an excellent decision as we continue to see Skoda’s commitment to offer its customers the best in the industry.

The Skoda design philosophy is to produce elegant practical cars with world class engines, smooth transmissions and high specifications.

And they do.

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