Behind the scenes of the OSV YouTube Trailer

Behind the scenes: of the OSV YouTube Trailer

Behind the scenes

Last week in Wales, at the heart of the gorgeous Margam Country Park Estate; we at OSV put the pedal to the metal for 2 days, filming a fantastic new trailer for our YouTube Channel! In line with our general ethos, we wasted no expense in getting the best from The Video Advert Company – a Director, a Film Crew, a Stellar Cast coupled with a stunning Country Estate, a huge Tudor Mansion and some shiny new OSV cars to boot. We also had a word with the weather guy and arranged for it to be a beautiful sunny day (which takes some excessive bribery I can tell you!). We brought in the lovely Louise Houghton and the charming Bryn Lucas to present in an all singing, all dancing… well ok that’s an exaggeration but you get what I mean… motor extravaganza! OSV Directors, Andrew and Debs, were present as backseat drivers (some more than others according to an inside source known only as A.K.) to Film Director, Andrea Thompson, who was on set weaving her movie making magic to create what we hope you will think is a brilliant addition to the OSV Channel.

Aside from the Estate‘s Gardeners making occasional threats to the continuity (but who very kindly agreed to stop working until 1pm upon the request of the Director) the shoot was a tremendous success. All that remains now is the editing, so you can expect to see our trailer up and running on our YouTube Channel very soon!

Watch this space!

Here are some pictures from the shoot.

Behind the scenes: of the OSV YouTube TrailerBehind the scenes: of the OSV YouTube TrailerBehind the scenes: of the OSV YouTube TrailerBehind the scenes: of the OSV YouTube Trailer

Margam Castle

Margam Castle

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  • 16th September 2014

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