Beijing Show debut for the 360PS Audi RS Q3 Concept

Image of The 360PS Audi RS Q3 Concept

Debut for The 360PS Audi RS Q3 Concept in 2012 Beijing Show

Two worlds are about to collide in China, where for the first time in its history Audi will attach the overtly sporting RS badge to an SUV, which will be made available in the UK for lease and purchase.

The Audi RS Q3 concept sits around 25mm lower than normal on large 20-inch alloy wheels, with high gloss outer surfaces and sandblasted innards.

The dominant interior colour of the Audi RS Q3 concept is black, complimented by dark blue contrasting alcantara sections within the fine Nappa leather upholstered seats.

The contrasting blue colour is also employed in the door trims and decorative inlays, produced by weaving brilliant blue luminescent glass fibres into CFRP. (Lightweight strong materials used in the manufacturing of numerous products used in our daily lives)

The black leather steering wheel has a large control stalk which is framed by aluminium accent and RS badges adorn the instrument cluster, the seatbacks, door sill plates and floor mats.

A layered-carbon trim panel covers the area around the five-cylinder engine, which sports a red valve cover and two laterally arranged ventilation screens feed air to the engine. Aluminium housing holds the open sports air filter, with the filtered air tube being made of stainless steel.

The powerful 2.5-litre TFSI engine combines direct petrol injection and turbo charging in the best Audi traditions and from 2,480 cc of displacement, it generates 360PS, enough to catapult the concept car from rest to 62mph in 5.2 seconds, taking it to a top speed of 165mph.

The dramatic looks and striking colour combinations of the 360PS Audi RS Q3 concept will be unveiled next week at the Auto China 2012 Show in Beijing and we look forward to hearing more following its world debut.

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  • 25th April 2012

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