Bentley SUV, aiming for the sky

Bentley has a new concept SUV for us all to drool over. The EXP9F will not be your conventional choice. Bentley wants it to be the most luxurious and fastest both in acceleration and top speed.

CEO, Wolfgang Durheimer claims that the majority of existing Bentley owners also have a SUV of some sort. Because of this, there is a niche in the market for them to release the EXP9F.

SUV, New Bentley concept

SUV, New Bentley concept

Nothing about the EXP9F is subtle. The intimidating body will suit the 23 inch alloy wheels which feature turbine like spokes and locking nuts that have been inspired from the 1920s Bentley Le Man racers.

Bentleys honeycomb grille is still present, as are the distinctive round headlamps and vents. The prototype at the Geneva Motor Show was fitted with a twin turbo 6-litre W12. However, other alternatives are being considered to power this beast.

The interior is not lacking luxurious components either. Leather, wood and thick carpet is fitted throughout. The dash carries on the wooden theme while the speed and rev counters are supplied via TFT screen. Further gadgetry folds out from the dash, displaying an array of technology including selectable comfort modes and off-road assists.

When I hear SUV I think of a vehicle ploughing off road through tough terrain. Now this persona has change over the years and manufacturers have released some lovely ‘Chelsea Tractors’ that never see a hard days work in their life. With a bold claim to be the fastest on the market, you do wonder how well Bentley would perform in other areas such as the Sahara Desert. On the flip side, with an estimated price tag of around £136,000, would you really want it to?

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  • 6th July 2012

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