Bentley’s Continental GTC – the ultimate convertible

Image of Bentley’s Continental GTC

Bentley’s Continental GTC – Defying The Laws Of Physics

Following the principle behind the manufacture of the 6.0 litre W12 GT coupe sibling, this particular Continental GTC is a product of fine improvement on the illustrious cabriolet.

The iconic convertible, with its power operated retracting soft top, has seen plenty of improvements on virtually every aspect, with the ultimate objective of realizing ultimate quality and impressive performance and sees an increased dynamic driving experience.

While the first Bentley Continental GTC was elegant and understated, the sharper radii and assertive stance of the new model delivers a more contemporary and muscular presence. This luxury convertible has a spacious and sumptuous hand-crafted cabin that is robust and versatile with a stylish outlook that is unparalleled in the automotive industry.

Bentley has embraced advanced technology on this magnificent model to achieve phenomenal success and to make this stunning car model distinct from the previous continental GTC, the car’s coupe-like appearance has been reinforced and tailored to broaden its appeal.

The new Bentley is a first of its kind in the UK market, with this model being available as an optional choice for drivers who desire the reinforced version and the sporty look.

With the upgraded chassis, drivers can now enjoy a more engaging driving experience and the coupe-like comfort and luxury that are typical of Bentley.

Bentley: defying the laws of physics at every turn.

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  • 7th May 2012

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