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What is the 2014 BMW 320D GT? Hatchback, Touring Or SUV?

2014 BMW 320D GT review

2014 BMW 320d coupe test drive and car review

The 2014 BMW 320D GT combines the space of the Touring and the driving position of an SUV with the driving experience of a saloon. In other words, this is the latest addition to the BMW 3-series line-up and it looks just like a hatchback.

BMW 320D GT at a Glance

The first thing you notice about the 2014 BMW 320D GT is its design. You cannot say for sure to what category of cars it belongs and many potential buyers may need a bit of explanation in this regard. Even though it strongly resembles a hatchback, this is nothing similar to the likes of Vauxhall Insignia or Ford Mondeo. The 2014 BMW 320D GT actually gets its inspiration from the larger 5-series GT and this is clearly visible in the massive amount of room inside. The overall design has a lot in common with an SUV or MPV. There is more than enough legroom in the 3-seat rear and the boot is actually huge, with a standard of 520 litres that expands to 1600 litres with the rear seats folded down.

The 3-series GT is an atypical car, which is not as unusual as the BMW 5-series, but somehow it looks rather massive. It is an improvement from the BMW 5-series, however, the final verdict visually-wise is that of a car that could do better in the subtlety department. The driving position has been raised and is similar to that of the BMW X1, whereas the front of the cabin looks just like that of the 3-series saloon and estate.

All in all, the BMW 320D GT scores well in the driving department. All the little visual oddities disappear when you’re in the driving seat and you can actually feel that you are driving a 3-series, even though it is not as polished as the saloon versions.

Options, Engine, and Transmission

One piece of optional equipment that is worth considering is the M Sport adaptive dampers. They cost about £750 and make the ride smoother. Moreover, they aid in masking the larger heft over the saloon, mostly when it comes to potted surfaces. A Sport mode is available on the BMW 320D GT, but most of the time you will probably want drive in standard mode because of the bumps that can be quite annoying. The intuitive steering also contributes to the pleasant feeling when driving, even though it still has the little bugs of all the vehicles in the 3-series GT.

The engine is not too much improved from the rest of the 3-series GT, being sharp without ever getting too quick. What makes the driving experience better is the eight-speed automatic transmission, which surprises with its quiet and smooth shifts.

Is It Worth My Money?

If you are torn between the BMW 320D GT and the saloon version of the 3-series GT, the essential thing to consider is to consider is the space you need. This is actually what the car adds over the Touring and saloon versions, as the overall driving experience is very much similar.

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What do you think of the 2014 BMW 320D GT?

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