BMW 6 Series guide

The BMW 6 Series are excellent to drive but people don’t know who it’s for as it can’t be pigeon holed with any other car. Find out more from the research CarBlog.co.uk did of other magazines’ opinions

We have researched what all the other magazines think about BMWs 6 series and consolidated their opinion in one place for you. BMW are trying to offer a practical car which is spacious combined with a good feature set and a high quality interior. There are four cars in the BMW 6 series range;Coup Two door cars with two petrol engine versions and a diesel.

The three 6 series Coups are a bit longer than the other Coups to increase the rear passengers leg room so it is possible for adults to travel comfortably in the rear. The boot space is plenty big enough for normal usage. The convertible versions have one touch automatic opening of the roof, sun reflective seats covers and a low driving position to give protection from the wind. A summary of all the main reviews is that these cars are high quality, beautiful and easy to drive, flexible enough for lots of different uses and journey types. In addition they sit under a few important limits making them sensible choices for company cars. However their sensibleness means that they are not going to excite serious petrol heads they are comfortable and effortless rather than pulse racing.

Image courtesy of carblog.co.uk

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  • 30th May 2014

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