BMW Takes On Google In Race To Finish First Self-Driving Car

Google Self Drive Car, first self-driving car

Google was once streets ahead of the competition in its development of self-driving cars, but BMW has now emerged as a shock contender as it aims to complete its first network of BMW autonomous cars before anyone else.

Google is still a safe bet to create the first self-driving car fleet before anyone else. According to its autonomous cars department, the search engine behemoth’s cars have already self-driven 1 million miles in the U.S.

Not just this, but the Internet company also carry out 3 millions miles of simulated testing each day. “You can image the experience that our vehicles have,” said Google.

Apple have also carried out a lot of tests on the sly, with Dieter Zetsche of Daimler admitting that both Google and Apple “have made more progress on automotive projects than we’d assumed.”

BMW’s 100th Birthday Bonanza

Although BMW haven’t exactly done much testing yet, the German automotive giant, which celebrates its 100th birthday this year, are still not to be discounted.

They are currently putting together the final touches to a research and development team that it is hoped will “build the most intelligent (self-driving) car.”

Presently, BMW employ around 7,500 software engineers in their research and development team, but they are hoping to increase it to around 15,000 by the end of the year. BMW say that Germany does not produce enough software engineers, so they are looking for partners elsewhere.

As well as BMW, Apple and Google, Tesla, Honda and Audi are all sniffing around the self-driving car sector.

Will Titterington
  • 7th March 2016

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