Are you an aspiring YouTube star? Perhaps you want to appear in front of the camera, but aren’t sure about the content you want to film?

For the last 18 months at OSV we have been regularly uploading brief motoring news reports on our YouTube channel, offering people a chance to guess what car we’re sitting in and sharing our insights into the weekly events in the motoring world.

Now we’re asking you, our viewers, aspiring presenters and car lovers to share your skills with us.

All you need to do is sit behind the wheel of your car (or someone else’s, as long as you are still following the social distancing rules and regulations) film a brief segment of motoring news that has caught your eye in the last few weeks and then send it in to us.

Quite simple really.

So, we hear you cry, what do I get out of it?

There isn’t a monetary prize, but we will be including the best entries in episodes of Behind the Wheel after the closing date. And it’s a bit of fun…something we all need right now; a distraction from the real world and something for everyone to enjoy.

So, if you’re interested, keep reading. Information on how to enter is below.

Opening date: Friday 17 April 2020

Closing date: Friday 8 May 2020 at midday (12pm)

The Rules

We’re going to keep this really simple, there are only a few rules to stick to when sending in your submission:

  1. No swearing (this is a family channel, so we want to keep it clean)
  2. No political views
  3. No longer than 5 minutes
  4. In English
  5. Submit between Friday 17 April and Friday 8 May 2020

The Requirements

When it comes to the video itself there are a few requirements. Of course, it can be filmed on a professional camera, video camera, your phone…whatever you have available, so long as it’s:

  • AVI or MP4 format
  • Less than 2GB file size

How to submit your video

So, you’ve finished your video…and you want to know what to do next.

Submitting it is really easy. First, fill in the form below with all the relevant details including the name of the file (so we know it’s yours). Once you’ve submitted that, click on the link below the form and you’ll be taken to a pre-filled page on WeTransfer. Add your video to page and press send.

Once we’ve received your video we’ll send you a confirmation email so you know we have it.

  • This can be your YouTube channel if you have one
  • The file name of your submitted video
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