Jenson Button Wants To Stay For 2017 Honda Engine

Jenson Button

F1 star Jenson Button has confirmed that Honda is modifying its F1 engine in a big way for McLaren to use next year.

2015 was a disastrous year for McLaren, Button and Honda, and the Japanese automotive giant are now taking the steps to make sure 2017 is more productive.

Honda have admited that slotting the turbo into its six pot engine “V” was a big error – and Button agreed.

“I think with the way the engine is, yes, it’s difficult to extract the power that we feel we need,” said the 2009 Formula 1 world champ.

“And that’s not me saying that, that’s Honda and that’s the makeover for next year.”

End Of The Road For Button?

The last twelve months have largely been a disaster for McLaren, and 2016 has started badly.

Both Button and teammate Alonso finally picked up their first points of the season at the weekend, with Alonso saying that the team should now be aiming for regular points – an alarming thing to say for a team that was king of the circuit just a few years ago.

McLaren and Honda, though, may have admitted their own mistakes in recent times, but perhaps they also feel that British mainstay Button is partly to blame for the team’s demise.

Although Button wants to stay for 2017 and drive with the newly tweaked Honda unit, it’s thought that McLaren have other ideas.

Belgian reserve driver Stoffel Vandoorne is hotly tipped to lineup alongside Alonso next season, replacing Button.

Vandoorne is currently the team’s reserve driver, and has already stood in this season for the Spaniard, driving impressively in Bahrain.

Vandoorne doesn’t see himself as a reserve driver though, and has not been shy in admitting his frustration that Button is still ahead of him.

“I admit it was hard for me to hear that he had been chosen. I won the GP2 title right here in Sochi and I learned through the press that McLaren had renewed with Jenson.

“It took a while to digest the news.”

Will Titterington
  • 3rd May 2016

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