Car and van drivers urged against drivers throwing rubbish

Drivers throwing rubbish? Surely that’s not a problem on our British roads?! There you would be wrong.

The Highways Agency, in a perhaps not too shocking move, has called on all car and van drivers to reduce rubbish.

A new Bag It! Bin It! drive has been set in motion by the organisation across the UK in an effort to bring down levels of roadside litter. Which is always a good thing.

Car and van lease clients might be interested to learn that surveys show maintaining motorways and trunk roads free of junk is placed as an importance, three-quarters do not feel that maintaining such infrastructure is their obligation.

As a result, instead of drivers throwing rubbish on the road, the Highways Agency is urging on drivers to keep a bag in their car or van for any rubbish, which can then be thrown in a bin when convenient, instead of being thrown form car and van windows.

Rubbish on the roadside can contribute to flood dangers and pose a threat to the environment and wildlife, in addition to using up valuable Highways Agency resources that could be aimed towards maintenance and repair work activity. Not to mention drivers throwing rubbish out of windows is just downright dangerous to other drivers on the roads.

When being interviewed, the body’s network director, Derek Turner, commented: “Litter is not only unsightly, but we spend public money on clearing it, which could be far better used on keeping our roads safe and in good condition.”

1st unveiled in August 2007, Bag It! Bin It! aims to tackle litter troubles on England’s network and is backed by the Campaign to Protect Rural England. That’s a fair cop. Who wouldn’t like a greener, more pleasant land?

So is it the drivers responsibility or is this another cost saving strategy?

What do you think to drivers throwing rubbish?

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 24th August 2010

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