Car parking charges at work

We get charged for having a car, taxing a car, putting fuel into a car and for having a car as a perk for the job.

Now if you live in Bristol, York, Devon, Hampshire, Leeds, Bournemouth, South Somerset and Wiltshire then your council is considering car parking charges at work.

This news comes despite ministers pledging to end what they described as Labour’s “war on motorists”

The councils are saying that it is to help reduce congestion, and funnily enough to raise funds.  Apparently it is thought the employer will be charged the fee and who would then decide if to charge the driver.

What will they think of next, you get charged to park outside your house if you live in town, you get charged to park your car when you go shopping, all while many town centres are struggling with the “recession”

Will this push companies out of the town so it is affordable for their employees to get to work, or will it encourage a car share scheme?

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 31st August 2010

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