Wow – free road tax for first year! Selling point? [Citroen C1 Review]

The Lowdown.

The Citroen C1 will appeal to motorists looking for car lease deals on a reliable, fun way to get about town. It helps that this smart little city car is cheap to run – which makes it a great choice as a first car for a young driver. The Citroen C1 will also appeal as a second car option for family drivers looking for car leasing deals.

The Look and Feel

Citroen C1 Review

Citroen C1

It goes without saying that this is the smallest car in the Citroen range. It measures in at just 3.44 metres in length. It’s light as well: the C1 is equipped with what Citroen refers to as the world’s lightest production engine – which no doubt plays a big part in keeping the overall weight of the car down to around 800 kgs. This in turn does its bit when it comes to fuel efficiency. Citroen has also made the C1 available in a five-door version. Large adults will struggle in the back – but the five-door hatchback is perfect for getting small children in and out in a relatively hassle-free way. So far as boot space is concerned, you get the same amount whether you opt for three or five door. The C1 gives 139 litres of space – extending to 751 litres with the rear seats folded down.

On the outside, the changes made to the model in 2012 successfully lend the C1 a modern, streamlined look. On the inside, the driver and passenger should be pleasantly surprised by the fact that Citroen has made a small amount of space go a long way. Whatever size or shape the driver, there’s enough adjustability in respect of both the seating and the steering wheel position to let you get comfortable.

There are some refreshing options available in terms of upholstery and Citroen has also included a restyled steering wheel and gear lever. There’s an attractive back-lit translucent panel to house the heating and ventilation and there are also plenty of storage compartments built into the dashboard – as well as plenty of cup holders in case you’re worried about where your passengers are going to put their coffee on the morning drive into work.

Performance and Drive

Motorists who are looking for car lease deals on a small diesel hatch will need to look elsewhere: all variations of the Citroen C1 are based on the same 1-litre three-cylinder petrol engine. This tends to be the powerhouse of choice for the city car market.

In common with most city cars, the C1 is built for efficient driving and convenience around town. Acceleration is not at the top of the list of priorities – so it comes as little surprise to learn that it takes a full 12.3 seconds for the C1 to manage 0-60 mph. What these stats don’t do justice to is the fact that the C1 offers you a pleasingly nippy ride about town. Citroen has also included revised rear shock absorbers to reduce body roll so has to go some way in ironing out those potholes, speed humps and other hazards that can take the shine off the urban driving experience.

Options and Efficiency

What attracts many motorists to the city car class is affordability. That’s certainly the case when it comes to the Citroen C1. There are three trim levels – starting with the entry-level VT, the Edition in the middle and Platinum at the top of the range. Whichever option you go for, you shouldn’t find yourself having to stray out of the £8,000 to £11,000 range in terms of an outright purchase price.  The difference between a three and five-door version in any trim level tends to be in the region of £400. There’s a £500 premium if you opt for the ETG Efficient Tronic semi-automatic gearbox.

As standard in all models, you get speed-related, electric-assisted power steering, and a pretty decent CD stereo. Move to the top trim and you get Bluetooth connectivity, rear spoiler, tinted rear windows and front fog lights.

This car really comes into its own when it comes to efficiency. Expect to achieve 65.7 mpg on the combined cycle. The green credentials are impeccable too: this C1 is the first Citroen to offer under 100g/km for CO2 emissions (achieving a return of precisely 99g/km).

The final word

Affordability is a byword with the Citroen C1. The figures are pretty impressive when it comes to purchase price, car leasing deals, fuel consumption – and even insurance groupings. The pleasingly nippy urban drive and attractive looks also mean that this car more than holds its own in the city car class.

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  • 22nd January 2014

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