OSV Check Out the Latest Citroen Photoshoot: Citroen DS5 Meets Concorde

Citroen are celebrating the style and elegance of their DS5 with a series of photos where the latest DS poses underneath Concorde.

This photoshoot was influenced by a similar one taken with the stunning classic DS in its best-selling heyday, and was part of an initiative by the Citroen fan club.

The Citroen DS5’s bold, aviation-inspired design is shown off perfectly, clearly demonstrating why the 2011 TopGear Family Car of the Year was described as a “slick futuristic machine”.

The photos were taken at Le Bourget Airport, France, by Citroen Styling photographer Laurent Nivalle.

Citroen DS5’s aeronautical inspiration

The designers of the DS5 had a huge legend to live up to, and they responded by creating a car that is a spell-binding mixture of classic influences and cutting-edge technology.

The Citroen DS5’s cockpit is perhaps where the car’s aviation theme is most evident.

One set of the Citroen’s main control switches are placed overhead on the cabin roof, pilot-style.

A coloured head-up display on the dashboard lets the driver see essential information like speed, cruise control and navigation setting at a glance.

The Citroen’s cockpit-style atmosphere is enhanced by the roof, which is divided into three light wells, and features a glass insert that creates a boundless, light atmosphere.

Classic elegance of Concorde era

The original Citroen DS under concorde

The original Citroen DS with Concorde

The Citroen DS5’s design invokes its impressive heritage. Its aerodynamic body is both assertive and sophisticated.

The chrome ‘sabre’ that sweeps from its headlights to the windscreen evokes the famous Concorde nose and adds a distinctive touch of flair.

Citroen haven’t skimped on the DS5’s materials either, with full grain leather and aluminium creating a sense of understated style.

Technical innovation

Just as the Concorde set a benchmark for being in the forefront of aeronautical design, the Citroen DS5 continues to expand the technologies available to drivers.

Advanced onboard technologies from the Citroen engineering team include a Lane Departure Warning system and an automatic high-beam adaptation function.

Both of these rely on a camera mounted in the front windscreen, which reads the road ahead of it, warning the driver of a deviation from their lane or changing the Citroen’s high-beams according to street lighting and traffic conditions.

The Citroen DS5’s eTouch system won a EURO NCAP Advanced Safety Award for its affordable contribution to automotive safety.

It allows the Citroen’s occupants to call for help in an emergency, either automatically or manually, using a built-in SIM card that pinpoints the car’s exact location to enable a speedy rescue.

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