Clamping vehicles on private land is coming to an end

In November 2010, clamping or towing will be stopped on private land (subject to Royal Assent). Private land also includes car parks, including retail parks, whether there is a fee or not. This doesn’t apply to local authority run car parks.

Because of this, 2000 Clamping licences will be withdrawn as a result.

Only the police, DVLA and local councils will be allowed to immobilise a vehicle andonly in exceptional circumstances, such as when a vehicle is blocking the road.

How private car parks in the centre of towns will be able to stop people parking is yet to be discussed, however this action has partly happened because of unscrupulous parking companies.

This is only applicable to those looking to prevent the owner/driver from moving their vehicle and NOT clamping your own car to prevent theft.

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 17th August 2010

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