Could YOU be a Formula One driver?

Think you could be a Formula One driver, think again…

Is a racing drivers brain different to yours or mine? And if so, what kind of differences might there be? I’ve been thinking about these questions lately – let’s take a look at some possible answers. The first difference? Information processing. Remember when you first drove a car? It was all… too much,right? Steering input, left pedal, right pedal and the one in the middle. Then add to that the traffic, applying the rules total information overload, right? And, as we are quickly forced to admit, there are significant limits to how much information can be consciously attended to.

So the brain does what it’s built to do – it learns. This way, thevarious ‘subroutines’ involved in driving become automatic, allowingthe conscious brain to focus on high-level tasks, such as predicting the behaviour of other drivers, risk avoidance, etc. (However we probablyall know people for whom driving is always a fully conscious, seat-of-the-pants experience…)

Image courtesy of topgear.com

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 5th July 2014

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