OSV Spy Cam: the first images surface of the Dacia Lodgy

Dacia have released the first photos of their new MPV, the Lodgy, before its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March (pictures to follow)

Dacia are currently Europe’s fastest growing vehicle brand, and are anticipating that the Lodgy will join its increasingly popular stable of models early next year.

The Romanian company were acquired by Renault in 1999, and since then have produced a range of budget vehicles capable of competing with the best bargains from the Far East.

The vision behind the Dacia Lodgy

The MPV fills a hole in Dacia’s line-up, catering to the needs of families looking for a versatile and affordable car.

Available as either a five or seven-seater, the Dacia Lodgy is extremely spacious inside, with generous room even for passengers in the third row of seats, and a large boot.

Renault hope that the Dacia Lodgy will put buying a new car within the reach of families that would otherwise have been limited to the used car market.

Instead they will be able to purchase a brand new MPV, reassured by the Renault quality behind the vehicle’s engineering, the Dacia reputation for reliability and a full three-year warranty.

Generosity, simplicity and reliability

Since the 2004 relaunch of the Dacia brand under the Renault wing, these have been Dacia’s brand values.

Dacia are proud to point out how the Lodgy lives up to each of these qualities.

Generosity is clearly shown in the way the Dacia Lodgy leads the market in cabin size.

The focus on essential specifications ensures simplicity is honoured, while reliability is assured with technology already proven on other Renault Group cars.

A growing brand

The last eight years have seen Dacia go from strength to strength, with their cars gaining traction throughout the European market.

Their SUV, the Dacia Duster, is proving particularly popular, winning praise from TopGear’s James May for its exceptional combination of price and performance and being picked as a car to watch in 2012 by the Telegraph.

Other vehicles in the range include the Logan, available as a saloon, estate, van or pick-up, and the Sandero, which is produced either as a saloon or as an SUV-style Stepway.

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