Electric Is The Future For BMW

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BMW insist that their future is very much electric, as a recent statement revealed some very exciting plans and concepts.

Earlier this week, the German automaker revealed that their 2016 lineup will contain at least seven electric cars of plug-in hybrids.

These cars will be spread across their BMW, Rolls Royce and MINI range.

BMW are referring to their transition to electric vehicles as BMW iNEXT, and are hopeful of adding autonomous cars to their repertoire in the near future.

The immediate future is all about the fifth generation of electric drivetrains, which BMW say will contain more range than ever before.

Exciting Plans

In more exciting news, BMW have also announced plans for a new i8 roadster cabriolet, as well as a brand new i3.

The German brand are also looking into hydrogen fuel-cells. Their current prototypes in this intriguing sector offer up to 435 miles of range.

BMW say they can’t confirm a tentative date for their first fuel-cell car, but are hopeful of delivering before their rivals.

The BMW 7 Series will also see updated semi-automated drivetrains, with the new and more affordable cars featuring remote control parking and adaptive cruise control.

They have also revealed plans for a new line of smart cars which they refer to as Project i2.0.

These cars will come with sensor technology, high-def digital maps and AI.

And just in case some of you are worried that BMW are doing away with their traditional combustion engine, fear not because the ultimate driving machine will not be abandoning gas engines.

“Gas engines will continue to play a major role for many years to come,” say the company.

Will Titterington
  • 17th March 2016

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