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It has been almost three years since Boris Johnson declared his desire to turn London into the electric car hub of Europe.

As we say, the automobile industry in the UK has only seen a trifling 588 extra electric cars being registered in the UK in the last three years.

Europcar, Europe’s leading provider of car hire services, invites individuals to give electric cars a try.

Europcar strongly believes that motorists who prefer to lease the electric cars have a higher proclivity to purchase electric vehicles in future than those who lease the fuel engines.

With many efforts geared towards a greener motor industry, it is important to embrace technologies that will help us tread in the right direction towards that realization.

The switch to electric cars means reduced fuel consumption and a consequential reduction in congestion charges.

Europcar did add the electric Nissan LEAF to its London fleet for its 100 per cent reliance on electricity.

It is also amazing to note that over 400 charging points have already been installed across London to make the achievement of electric cars plausible.

Europcar urges motorists in the UK to cease the opportunity and test the awesome technology that has seen the likes of the Nissan LEAF become leading-lease models in the auto-market.

The success of the Nissan LEAF in the car industry points to the fact that electric cars are the future and we cannot afford to tune out the idea of a car industry dominated by electric cars.

Europcar car buyers who go for a lease of the Nissan LEAF stand the chance to enjoy after sales services that are untypical of the conventional car dealers.

Lease an electric car and experience the best with the best.

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  • 29th March 2012

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