Fiat To Create Rival For Model 3

Fiat 500 geneva motor show

The imminent Tesla Model 3 has really shaken up the electric car market, and now even perennial EV-sceptics Fiat are sniffing around the potentially lucrative sector.

If the mass-market sedan proves to be successful, Fiat will come up with a rival according to the Italian automotive giant’s CEO.

Sergio Marchionne said: “If Elon Musk can show me that the car will be profitable at that price, I will copy the formula, add the Italian design flair, and get it to market within twelve months.”

What was it Picasso said? Good artists copy, but great artists steal.

Uncertain Electric Car Market

The Tesla Model 3 – which will be the first Tesla to be available for what you could call an affordable price – has already received around 400,00 pre-orders, and Marchionne says that he isn’t surprised by the huge level of demand.

However, he has also said that he can’t see how Tesla – who still haven’t returned a profit – can possibly make money when the Model 3 is priced so low.

Unlike numerous competitors, such as Ford and Toyota, Fiat have not yet fully entered the electric market.

The only battery-powered vehicle in its armoury is the 500e, a plug-in version of its popular city car.

Marchionne says the company would not even have created the 500e, were it not for the California Air Resources Board’s regulations of emissions.

Indeed, the 500e is actually losing money – and Marchionne doesn’t even want people to buy it.

Officially, Fiat have announced no real plans for a fully electric car.

Will Titterington
  • 19th April 2016

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