First drive: Volkswagen Golf GTE

This hybrid has almost the performance of the GTI but with incredible fuel consumption. We’ll wait and see what the price will be. Here’s what else Paul Healy of CarEnthusiast.com has to say.

By labelling the plug-in hybrid Golf a ‘GTE’ Volkswagen has made a bold statement of intent.

We will just have to wait until we see the price to determine exactly how appealing.

Key FactsModel driven: Volkswagen Golf GTE prototypeEngine: turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, electric motorTransmission: six-speed DSG automatic transmission, front-wheel driveBody style: five-door hatchbackCO2 emissions: 35g/kmCombined economy: 188mpgMaximum power: 200hpMaximum torque: 350NmIn the Metal: Somewhat fittingly the Golf GTE draws visual inspiration from both the car it uses technology from (the new e-Golf) and the one it aspires to be (the GTI).

Like the e-Golf it wears a closed off front grille with a blue stripe, which mimics that of the GTI in design, if not colour, yet it also has C-shaped daytime running lights, which will be unique to the EV and hybrid versions of the Golf.

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  • 29th April 2014

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