Ford B-MAX Brings Design Dream To Life – Available To Finance

image of the new Ford B-Max

The All New Ford B-MAX

The all new Ford B-MAX features a unique easy access door system that brings unparalleled ease to modern urban driving.

A first for the motoring industry in a production car, the Ford B-MAX’s doors open to provide an unheard of 1.5 metre wide opening, which is totally unobstructed.

The Ford team worked intensively to create the B-MAX’s system, with wide-opening hinged front doors and sliding rear doors, that incorporate the central body pillars into the doors.

A dream come true

As Ford Europe’s exterior design director says, bringing a door concept like this to life has long been a dream of automotive designers.

And now, Ford have finally achieved that dream.

To do so, it required intense collaboration between the designers and engineers.

They knew that drivers were struggling with the challenges of urban driving, and a car that could address these problems would be a popular choice to finance, lease or purchase.

Ford’s B-MAX design journey

The Ford team started by spending time observing drivers going about their everyday tasks, to make sure they started the design process with a clear idea of what people needed in a compact car.

Then engineers took the designers sketches and started translating them in to a reliable and safe car that met the needs of those looking to finance, lease or purchase a city car.

They knew that a major concern with the door design would be safety, and so integrated the high-strength structure of the central pillars into the doors.

One vital material for this was special ultra-high-strength steels, which are up to five times as strong as regular steel.

By using this in essential parts of the doors and body, Ford engineers ensured that the B-MAX is incredibly strong, and has a stiff body, but without being heavy.

Rigorous safety testing

Bringing the Ford B-MAX to life has involved over 1,000 detailed crash simulations, which took place over three years.

Each one allowed the Ford team to refine their design to offer optimal protection in side collisions.

Following this, the Ford B-MAX was almost literally tested to destruction with 50 real life test crashes.

The result is exceptional safety combined with incredible levels of practicality.

The wide, unobstructed side opening makes loading small children or bulky packages into the car simple and easy.

If the back and passenger seats are folded down, a large flat platform is created, perfect for bikes or flat pack furniture.

The new B-MAX will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show next month, and will be available for purchase, finance or lease in Europe in the second half of 2012.

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