Ford Defends Itself Against Trump Criticism

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Ford Motor Group has come out fighting amidst criticism from Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Mr Trump has been having a pop at Ford since last June, saying that it is “leaving” the U.S. because of its foreign investment plans, including expansion in Mexico.

“We are a global, multination company,” affirmed Ford, “and we will invest to keep us competitive and we will do what makes sense for the business.”

Trump has vowed to call Ford to demand that it cancels its plans to expand in Mexico.

The Republican primary candidate has also said that he will impose a 35% tariff on Ford Mexico’s exports to America if he is elected.

But Trump’s charged criticism has not always been accurate, and Ford Motor Group insist they are not going to close even one of their United States factors.

Ford Expand In Mexico

“I don’t listen to Trump,” said Ford Motor Company’s CEO Mark Fields. “It’s presidential politics.”

He also used figures to denounce any suggestions that Ford has become anti-American, saying the company has ploughed more than $10,000,000,000 into U.S facilities, while hiring more workers.

They will also invest a further $9b in the country over the next 4 years.

Perhaps what got Trump’s goat – who controversially said he will demand Mexico builds a wall across the U.S. border if he gets elected – was a recent report by Reuters that suggested Ford will announce plans this spring to develop a brand new plant in Mexico as part of a $1.5b investment.

Last year, the brand also said it will create some 3,800 new jobs in Mexico.

Will Titterington
  • 25th March 2016

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