Ford Fiesta ECOnetic Model Available To Lease


Image of The Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

The Ford Fiesta ECOnetic Available To Lease


Individuals who lease or purchase a Ford continue to be delighted in their chosen brand, as Ford continues to impress.

Ford’s most recent ECOnetic model is doing extremely well in the market with its great performance and outstanding quality.

With 87g CO2/km, this Ford Fiesta ECOnetic model is certainly right at the top of its tree when it comes to being economical.

The low emission levels with this model translate to free road tax and no London Congestion Charge!

In terms of fuel consumption, the car is superbly economical and conscious to the global economic crunch. The car has a negligible fuel sipping rate of 85.6mpg.

The fast selling Ford Fiesta tops a car range that is popular for derogated CO2 emission levels seeing a remarkable drop to 134g/km from a staggering 154.5g/km.

Ford has remained the all-time market leader in the auto industry for its top selling car models, a feat not held by any other brand.

Ford is determined to make use of its low-CO2 technology to positively impact on household budgets.

Ford’s recent 125 and 100PS 1.0-litre Eco Boost engine is expected to be close to 58.9mpg with even less emissions.

Ford – Over 100 years of motoring. Drive one today.

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  • 27th March 2012

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