Ford Invent Windshield Projector For Autonomous Cars

Ford Motor Group have invented a windshield projector for their self-driving cars.

After all, if your car is driving itself, why wouldn’t you want to kick back and catch a flick? You could watch a violent movie while your car takes you to work.

The screen will cover the windshield, while a projection will be lowered from the car’s ceiling. The patent design can be seen below

movie screen, screen cover for ford, windshield projector

Ford are also patenting screens that are set into the instrument cluster and dashboard, but these are for when the driver is in control manually.

These screens will display various media, such as maps and videos.

Brave New World Of Self-Driving Cars

Although it’s important to point out that the windshield projectors are mere patents and “not necessarily an indication of new business or product plans,” it’s another insight into the brave new world that developers of autonomous cars are stepping into.

So far, we know that Google are employing a laser range finder to help their vehicles spot potential road hazards, while other inventions include an aerial on a car’s rear that receives info about the exact location of the vehicle.

Ford have been hard at work on their own self-driving car for the last few months.

Progress has been good, although up to now they are only confident that their autonomous vehicles can navigate areas that have good visibility only.

They are presently looking into integrating smart technology in cities that would give their cars a better chance of successful navigation.

Will Titterington
  • 9th March 2016

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