Ford Lease Deals: Top 5 Fords to get your hands on

Want to lease a new ford? Explore in this article some of Fords history, the best cars to date and which ones to get your hands on

Ford Lease Deals: Top 5 Fords to get your hands on

Ford is undoubtedly a household brand recognised by the entire population. The history of Ford dates back to the 20th Century with the iconic Model T. Over the years the models have changed but the reputation Ford has of developing some of the most forward-thinking and stylish cars on the road remains. In Ford have quite a brigade of loyal fans in the UK. There are a few core reasons for their popularity. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the top 5 Fords to get your hands on and why we wanted to share what Ford is famed for.

Ford cars offer incredible value

Across the whole range of Ford cars from SUV‘s to hatchbacks, the brand consistently manages to craft great cars at competitive prices. As a market leading car brand they lead the way in value.

Brand Loyalty

Ford has a large following of fans, many Ford drivers return back to the brand time and time again when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. Why wouldn;t they? The brand is renowned for great value cars. Not only, that Ford is forward thinking when it comes to efficiency and economic factors. Plus, Ford is famed for putting customers first when designing their vehicles. This leads me neatly on to the next point…..


Ford for Families

Ford know their target markets and the family market is a big supporter of the brand. Exciting models like the Explorer, the Fusion, the Flex, and the Expedition are the reasons why. These fun and fashional models have seen the family ride get a big redesign. Safety is a big concern for the family car shopper and Ford don’t like to disappoint. With safety features like AdvanceTrac stability control and Torque Vectoring you’ll stay safe in all driving conditions. Ford has been hailed for providing some of the best technology for handling harsh driving conditions.

metallic ford fusion isolated on a white background

Ford make seriously cool cars

Throughout the years Ford has made some iconic designs including the 2013 Ford Fusion and the classic favourite Ford Mustang! These exciting designs are one of the main reasons Ford are so popular.  But what makes Ford extra cool are the ‘green’ credentials in their cars. The new Ford Focus is just one example of how Ford is leading the field in green thinking. You don’t just have the options for Eco-Boost, hybrid or full electric engines. In Focus, you get the option to select green friendly interior components too!

white ford mustang driving on tarmac road with trees in the background

Top 5 Fords to get your hands on

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is the UK’s best-selling car of all time. It’s no real surprise. The affordable and trendy Fiesta is in its seventh generation and has proven to be one of the most reliable hatchbacks on the market. The wide variety of trim levels on offer means it can be tailored to suit a variety of drivers. The Zetec and EcoBoost models are great family cars. Or for young sporty drivers, the Fiesta ST is an obvious front-runner. The Fiesta’s versatility puts it securely on this list of the top 5 Fords to get your hands on.

maroon coloured ford fiesta parked infront of vintage building with grass in front of it

Ford Focus RS

A sturdy and reliable family car, the Focus ranks just behind the Fiesta in terms of popularity with UK drivers. The RS model is particularly attractive with its sporty design. While the RS is super stylish and has a range of additional options, it certainly doesn’t compromise on function. Experts have noted the popularity of the Focus RS among drivers young and old, leading them to predict that the Focus RS could well be a future classic car.

bright blue ford focus rs in dark city setting with a tunnel

Ford B-Max

For a flexible multi-use vehicle you can’t get much better than the trust B-Max. Reviews by experts at Top Gear hail it as being good to drive with clever design. We agree! The major design feature we love is the sliding side doors with no obstructing pillar! This gives a loading space of 1.5 metres wide which makes it an ideal vehicle for almost anything!

metallic ford bmax parked on tarmac in front of modern building and blue skys in the background

Ford Galaxy

A practical MPV the Galaxy is the largest car on offer from Ford. With nifty features like electrically folding rear seats, it’s easy to see why the Galaxy is hailed as one of the best in the large MPV class. First arriving on the scene in 1995 the Galaxy has developed over the years from its fairly humble beginnings to a powerhouse of technology and style. The safety features on the Galaxy are also worth a mention. Front wide view camera, traffic sign recognition, lane keeping and intelligent speed limiter are just a few.

dark grey metallic ford galaxy parked on tarmac driveway in front of country house

Ford EcoSport

The fun and flirty EcoSport is becoming a firm favourite with a huge variety of customers. It’s attractive look and an array of exterior colours make choosing a tricky task. The wow factor of the EcoSport that comes with a revolutionary engine. The EcoBoost engine is a petrol 1.0 litre but with 3 cylinders giving you the power you’d normally expect in a 1.6! The EcoBoost has been awarded International Engine of the Year for three years straight!

bright blue ford eco sport on dirt track in forest setting

Ford Lease Deals

When it comes to getting your hands on one of these impressive Ford models you might want to consider a lease deal. There are numerous perks to leasing opposed to buying and so why not consider a Ford lease deal for your next car? When leasing a car you need only pay a much smaller upfront fee. Not only that, you will often pay a much lower monthly fee because you are simply borrowing the car. This also saves on the headache of trying to re-sell the vehicle when you are looking to upgrade. If you value your time and money then leasing is more often than not a sensible choice, especially with this impressive range of the Top 5 Ford cars on the market right now!

Top Ford Cars of All Time

To sign off I wanted to leave you with a list of our top Ford cars of all time.

Ford Mustang

The iconic Mustang first arrived back in the 1960s and is one of the cars most recognisable cars from the brand. Still a very popular US classic car.

The first ford mustangs parked alongside the new ford mustangs all parked on gravel driveway in front of mansion

Ford Pinto

It had sleek good looks and was one of the best-selling cars of the 1970s despite some problems with its gas tank…..we won’t go into that. Let’s keep it nice and light-hearted!

vintage light blue ford pinto parked amongst other vintage ford cars in a car park

Ford GT40

Arguably the greatest Ford race car of all time, the GT40 was produced in 1964 as Henry Ford II attempted to win a Le Mans title with one of their own cars.

green rally ford gt40 driving through city for a car show

Ford Escort

Out of production since 2003, the Ford Escort was both a popular family car and excellent little racer. The Escort Mk 1 was one of the first great successes for the American car manufacturer in the international rally scene.

white rally ford escort racing on the track
Want to know more about the manufacturer Ford?  Explore how they became one of the most recognisable manufacturers in the world

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