Ford Transit – Tried and tested

We don’t often write articles about Transit vans, however, I was so amazed by the testing process from Ford, I felt it just had to be shared.


Designers at Ford had one objective which was to offer the largest loading space for one tonne vehicles, whilst keeping in-line with the streamlined appearance. Special consideration was given to the bulkhead and body side when optimizing available space.

The Ford Transit van 2012This dedication to the process means that Ford can offer the best in class load volume to their customers. A short wheelbase model has 6.0m3 with a full bulkhead fitted, and the long wheelbase, 6.8m3.

Included with the new design is locking check arms on the cargo doors, helping with safety while loading/unloading. Tie down hooks have been repositioned to make loading easier on the floor space. Ultra-bright LED lighting has been installed to improve hull visibility.

The testing procedure is more of a punisher treatment. A computer simulates changes throughout the vehicles lifespan,resulting in the prototypes totallinga combined mileage of over three million miles in real life testing.

The most brutal test is known as the “Trailer Tow General Durability”. This process condenses a 10 year vehicle life cycle into an accelerate form for six months, running 24/7. It consists of towing a fully laden trailer across the toughest worldwide conditions.

For more in depth information on the Transit design and safety, just click on the link below.
Transit Custom Design and Safety

This is a selective market. Those who need the space and loading capabilities offered by a transit van, you can be assured you’re in safe hands with Ford.

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  • 23rd July 2012

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