Ford Want You To Talk To Your Car

2016 KugaThis week, Ford Motor Group revealed their latest in-car entertainment at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona – conversational commands.

The US automaker launched the system alongside its brand new Ford Kuga 2016 to a bewildered but largely enthusiastic audience. Just like Siri on your smartphone or Alexa on your Amazon Echo, Ford’s innovative technology will allow you to have a chat with your vehicle.

Ford explained in Barcelona: “Drivers will simply push a button and speak to find nearby cafes, petrol stations of car parks by saying ‘I need a coffee,’ ‘I need petrol,’ and ‘I need to park,’ using the new SYNC 3.”

As well as being able to ask your car for directions, you will also be able to get the latest weather reports thanks to the installation of the AccuWeather smartphone application. SYNC 3 will work alongside the weather app to warn you of any hazardous weather conditions that may disrupt your journey.

The 2016 Ford Kuga

Ford also unveiled their brand new Ford Kuga SUV at the Mobile World Congress, and they used it to show off their new technology.

The meaty front-wheel drive car is powered by a 1.5-litre TDCi diesel unit and relies on Intelligent All Wheel Drive to return 45.6mpg. The SUV also features Ford’s highly praised Perpendicular Parking Technology.

“Demand for SUVs is stronger than ever, and Ford is expanding its range to offer everything from rugged models with true go-anywhere ability to sporty models designed to suit urban lifestyles” said Ford.

As well as the Kuga, the Mondeo, Galaxy and S-Max will also benefit from the SYNC 3.

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Will Titterington
  • 23rd February 2016

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