Ford will launch 7 new or refreshed vehicles in 2016


Ford says it will launch seven new or modified vehicles this year as it looks to build a more sustainable business. Among the new releases will be the Ford Kuga 2016 and the new Ford Focus RS 2016.

Other releases in the next three years include five new SUVs.

Ford are also planning efficiency and brand initiatives as they seek to improve profits while boosting their operating margin to 6-8% in the longer term.

Ford’s European strategy means a more profitable product line that is greater streamlined, as well as better brand communications and a leaner cost structure.

In the past few years, Ford have struggled with high break-evens and ever growing regulatory costs.

Ford Of Europe Accelerates

 In a statement, Ford’s executive vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa said: “In the past three years, Ford of Europe has improved its business in all areas and moved from deep losses to a $259 million profit in 2015. This a good first step. We are absolutely committed to accelerating our transformation, taking the necessary actions to create a vibrant business that’s solidly profitable in both good times and down cycles.”

Ford have fallen behind industry benchmark levels of efficiency in recent years and are taking steps to close the gap. They expect to save over $200 million per year.

“We are creating a far more lean and efficient business that can deliver healthy reruns and earn future investment,” the statement concluded.

Ford have released 30 new vehicles since 2012 and boosted sales in 2015 by 10%.

Will Titterington
  • 4th February 2016

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