Ford Team Up With Spotify For Awesome Entertainment Experience

fordpass and spotify

Ford Motor Group have teamed up with music streaming top dogs Spotify to develop an entertainment experience for their exclusive FordPass members.

Recognising that more and more of us are spending our time mobile, the American motor company has developed FordPass, a platform that seeks to reinvent the relationship between consumer and automaker.

The aim is for the platform to do for drivers what Spotify has done for music fans.

According to Ford’s Elena Ford: “The FordPass platform is about understanding peoples’ needs and developing great experiences and ways to help them move better.

“The combination of FordPass and Spotify will create a great music experience both inside and outside of the vehicle.”

Anyone who is a member of FordPass will get their hands on a few benefits, such as rewards for customer loyalty.

FordPass – Mobile Entertainment Of The Future

Ford have in the past teamed up with McDonald’s and other big name companies, though it is hoped that the partnership with Spotify will yield even more exciting results.

One of the areas that FordPass will exploit is the fact that American’s alone spend around 900 hours per year mobile.

As such, FordPass will offer consumers more lucrative entertainment options for when they’re on the move.

It will offer music from Spotify, as well as sports and news stories from other third party sources.

“Our goal is to light up the FordPass experience with music,” said Spotify. “We want to be everywhere fans listen to music.”

FordPass is an extension of Ford Smart Mobility, which has already taken the brand to new heights in customer experience, autonomous cars, mobility and connectivity.

Anyone who purchases a new Ford will automatically get access to FordPass membership. Watch this space.

Will Titterington
  • 24th March 2016

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